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2,500+ Banano May Marble Races

WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN. GREETINGS! It is I! Your friendly wizard, TriggerHaven, here to announce a special event! I have protected 2,500 Banano using my wizard magics and secured them for the winners of May's Marble Races. Come join me for marble races every stream on my channel on Twitch!

Follow and Subscribe to never miss a race:

I will be splitting prizes to the leaderboard at the end of April and doing giveaways all month! Try to catch every race to make sure you are in the top 3!

How do I enter a race?! Easy! Every race starts with a 1 minute countdown. All you have to do is type "!play" in the twitch chat when it's time to race!

Regular Race Timeline

  • Tuesday 11:15am PDT

  • Wednesday 11:15am PDT

  • Thursday 12:15pm PDT

Prizing Pool Split

Current Prize Pool: 2,500 BAN

  • 1st Place - 50% of Prize Pool

  • 2nd Place - 30% of Prize Pool

  • 3rd Place - 10% of Prize Pool

  • 19th Place - 6% of Prize Pool


In addition to these prizes, every racing day, the winner of the first 3 races will earn a bubble steak (see stream for info) and the 3rd winner will win wheel spin where they may win Bananos on the spot, a CryptomonKey, or burn 30 banano in their honor! 🔥

We also might have EXTRA races during my stream, so stick around to catch bonus races to increase your chances.

See you there! ✨

If you'd like to contribute to this prize pool, you may donate bananos to the Tournament Prize Address. Prize Pool Address


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