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[NEWS] The Daily Peel: A year in stats

The Jungle is a very diverse place. Any who has spent time chatting in the super friendly BANANO Discord server knows this. Today, on Banano & The Daily Peel's birthday, I bring you some quantifiable evidence from our visitor stats.

This is, The Peels year end stats review.



13,813 Unique Visitors

clicked on

50,378 Articles


137.6 Daily Page Views - 85.9 Daily Sessions - 69.6 Daily Visitors - 37.7 Daily New Visitors

The busiest day of the 2021 was on Thursday Feb 18 when 2577 people viewed Oops' article titled "Airdrop to Nano Holders Round 2"

8/10 of the highest traffic days have been since that post.

Top 10 Posts

Where you're from

In the last 12 months people visited The Daily Peel from

147 Countries!!!

This is the visitor map from the last 48 hours.

Here is the entire list of countries and the percentage of visitors that came from them

How You Got Here

What You Used To Get Here

Banano has truly brought the world together. This community proves day in and day out that no matter where you're from, your background, your socioeconomic status, education level, race, gender and even people who use Opera and Edge web browsers....Everybody loves memes.

We love you and wish you all a happy, safe, potassium rich year.

#Pillows # News

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