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A Formal Apology

As the new year gets underway we (definitely everyone/the whole team) at the Daily Peel would like to take this natural clean slate as an opportunity to start 2022 as we mean to go on. For those of you that follow our socials you may have recently seen this tweet: Now, the eagle eye'd among you would *immediately* notice a pillar of the Banano community missing from our list of suggested follows; the pillar that is ChrisTurd. For those of you that did not notice, you may well be thinking you could be forgiven as... well... he wasn't exactly the Winner of the Best Community Manager Award (2021), nor was he nominated for Best memes. Not even a sniff at Mr Banano, or well, any award at all - whatsoever - at this years Bancademy Awards. So, here at the Daily Peels (all of us, not just the author of this article) would like to extend our very own extra special, 1/1 award. We'd like to announce the presentation of 2021's Best Chris award.

No need to explain why, and no apology to other Chris' out there because frankly Mr Turds exploits far exceed the character limit of a Daily Peel article. We were able catch up with the man himself briefly in the jungle; we asked for his thoughts, and to accept the award as a token of our appreciation and apology on behalf of the community. Turd replied, "ty, innit". With the weight off our shoulders and in the holiday spirit we've sacked our Social Media Monkey for their negligent and offensive tweeting. We also invite you to follow @ChrisTurdd on twitter. In fact here's a link to his profile: What a year, what a guy.

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