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Banano NBA Pool

Hello and welcome to my Banano NBA Friday-Sunday League! If you're interested in basketball and are looking to compete, or just want to participate and earn some Banano, consider following the steps below to get started!

The event will last for 11 weeks, from January 21st, 2022 through April 10th, 2022 and will have WEEKLY prize pools with an ending total over 1,800 BAN, and an NFT!

Prizes per week:

1st Place: 75 Banano

2nd Place: 47.5 Banano

3rd Place: 27.5 Banano

In order to enter the event, please fill out the Google form here:

Once you’ve done that, you will need to join the pool through the website here:

After joining the pool you must select a new set of picks every week in order to qualify for that week's pool for every correct pick, you'll get one point. The top three users in points for that week will take home their share of the 150 Banano prize! Participation across all weeks is not necessary, however a two week minimum is required for the bonus pool at the end.

The rewards will be sent on a weekly basis, and picks must be made before the site deadline in order to qualify, so make sure you keep an eye on when the games start - it's probably best to make all your picks at once, earlier in the week so you don't forget and miss the games! You have to make a new set of picks EVERY WEEK or you will not get points, so keep that in mind as well.

In the event of a tie, your favorite teams will be used as the first, and only tie-breaker. For example, if you and I tied for 15 points this week, and my team (the Bucks) won, and your team (the Nets) lost - the tie breaker would go to whoever’s favorite team won. In the event both win, or lose, the prize would be split between those winners.

All 150 BAN will be distributed the following Monday around 12:00 PM Central Standard Time from this address here:


I will be keeping track of entries, wallets, points, etc. on google sheets, and will be posting that with the weekly thread update.

*NOTE: Games canceled to COVID are automatically credited as a win unless you didn’t make a pick, and will most likely be rescheduled.*


Bonus question “BANtribution” fund!

(Pay) To enter:

- Donate a one time - 25 Banano to the donation address listed below.

- I will verify you are entered, and you will be eligible to answer all bonus questions, and for the 150 Banano prize.

- Answer the question on the weekly reddit thread each Thursday by 23:59 PM CST.

- Correct answers count as 3 points and go towards a bonus pool at the end of the season.

- Any donations over the 150 BAN bonus prize, will be applied directly to the weekly prize funds.

- A single 25 Banano donation will enter you for a chance to win the 150 BAN prize and this rare cryptomonKey NFT!

**I will verify the usernames, ban address that you signed up with for the donation, and your answer to the question with you on Reddit to confirm you’re entered for the question each week!**

To win the bonus pool, I will take bonus question point totals from everyone who participated - with a minimum 2 week participation and 25 Banano entry - and add it to their weekly point total. The winner pointwise throughout the weeks will receive a rare cryptomonKey NFT, as well as 150 BAN*.

*If there is an excess in donations by the end of the event the winner will instead get 20% of the bonus pot (up to 300 BAN, but no less than 150) and the remaining 30% of that fund will then be split amongst all the participants evenly, with a minimum participation of two weeks. The remaining 50% of the fund will go towards future events and will be held in the wallet below for all to see.

One time bonus question donations of 25 BAN should be sent here - make sure to answer the question on Reddit each week BEFORE THE DEADLINE:


Any questions can be sent directly to me on the weekly Reddit threads or directly at: u/AskingAndQuestioning or on Discord: Mag3s#6532.

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