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Bananolance Freelance Market

Bananolance is a new free to use forum based freelance market for the MonKes to earn Banano. Users can make listings to jobs they need done that they cannot complete or just don't want to do. For example, if you need a website but don't have the time. Make a listing for a website design with full details and desired amount of pay. Once you have replies you can choose who you'd like to do the job! If you're interested in making Banano instead all you have to do is reply to a listing and get chosen for the job. Once complete send the finished (use of watermarks is wise until payment is received) and receive agree amount of Bananos! There are no fees to use and no middle man to take any amount of the payments. All payments are done externally via discord Tipbot, Reddit Tipbot, Kalium, or web wallet. Come visit at

Progress plan

Step 1: release to MonKes in prototype phase✓ Step 2: .cc domain with random potassium drops Step 3: mobile app Step 4: finalized site and app published on apple store and google play!

See our first listing for examples of conduct

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Stella Knocker⛏🐀
Stella Knocker⛏🐀
02 de jun. de 2021
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