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BANANO Worldwide Event Results[2021]

The BANANO Worldwide Event (original announcement here) with BANANO as prizes was a huge success with lots of great submissions. Now we finally have the contest results! Check the winners below!

BANANO Worldwide — The Winners

First place: Vince Sanchez from #brussels #belgium Prize: 5000 Banano + One Year Later NFT (CryptoMonKeys)

Second place: 3meow from #Aberystwyth #Wales Prize: 3000 Banano + One Year Later NFT (CryptoMonKeys)

Third place: Deinis Quiñonez from #Merida #Venezuela Prize: 2000 Banano + One Year Later NFT (CryptoMonKeys)

All of the prizes and the 15000 BAN Split between all the participants will be sent shortly. Stay tuned for the events to come.

Some Other Photos Around World;

Reach out to Taha Doruk if you have questions about event results.

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1 Comment

Oct 16, 2021

Awesome. Needs more comments.

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