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[Event] Banukkah Holiday Stream

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Image credit goes to: Shyzence 🌶#8494

It is that time of year that we celebrate the holidays and enjoy time with friends and family. I believe we are one big family at Banano and I want to celebrate Banukkah (Hanukkah) with all of ban fam! Please join me for a special night of Marbles on Stream (Twitch)!


Sat. Dec. 30th, 2023 at 1:30AM UTC / Friday Dec. 29th, 2023 at 8:30PM EST


  1. Must be a member of Banano Discord server to win prizes (citizenship not required) -

  2. Create a Twitch account if you do not have one (

  3. Join/watch my scream at the scheduled time:

  4. During the steam fill out the Google form (I will not be able to give out prizes if you don’t fill it out). Form will ONLY be available during the stream.

  5. Must be a member of Banano Discord (Citizenship not required)

  6. When the race starts, you will have 45 seconds to join the race by typing !play

  7. Sit back and watch the race(s). You get points per race for the overall leader-boards.


I will be doing 19 races to celebrate Banukkah and the 29th of December

  • Each race winner will get 69 bans (19 x 69 = 1311 total)

  • The overall point leaders will get additional bans:

    • First Place - 420 Bans + random cryptomonKeys drop

    • Second Place - 190 Bans + random cryptomonKeys drop

    • Third Place - 119 Bans + random cryptomonKeys drop

  • Max of 2 wins per racer (prize will go to the next person that has not won 2 races yet). But points still count to the overall prizes for the event

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