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Bruise than banano contest - The Jury has made a decision!

We finally have a winner! Congrats to everyone that to participated! After much deliberation and help from our team of expert jurys we are finally ready to announce the winners! I have to tell you... The competition was fierce, it is clear how much work and thought went into each and everyone of those bruised bananas. But nothing stood out more than our fellow artist /u/makeanything . That shit was so amazing we even thought it was photoshoped! Not only was his art amazing but he even made a video! And who doesn't love a great video?! Congrats /u/makeanything you take the gold medal with 2000 BAN and the amazing banano coin as well!

The second place will definitively go to our discord user josefina#8264 and her amazing and beautiful parrot! One of our jury's said he even felt like he could pet it! Congrats for winning 1500 the amazing nfc banano card

Our third place was a really hard one to define, but we have to admit that nothing reminded us more of god than lion_84#6221 's amazing monkeyzeus! Let's give him a great round of applauses! Congratulations you take home 1000 ban!!!!

Look at those muscles!! 😍

But the contest doesn't end here. We can't end this announcement without some honorable mentions!

If you ever feel in a hurry, don't forget to give u/minions-vs-mankind a call! Also... Rafiki looks so handsome! He better hold that banano strongly!

Special thanks to the banano team who donated 10k ban to the pool and u/wufwufman (a coin donator) without whom this contest would have never been made possible! This community is simply amazing!🍌💛 If you would like to own a banano coin or card come take a look at!

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