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[GOSSIP] ChrisTurd Twitch Streams For 1 Hour, Has 1 Viewer

In the midst of an international pandemic and with literally almost everybody in the world forced to stay indoors, ChrisTurd had 1 faithful viewer when he plugged his Twitch stream this past week.

The Daily Peel reached out to the fan who made Chris’s wildest dreams come true for comment.

The individual asked to remain anonymous in the report due to pure embarrassment. Apparently, they misclicked while looking for TriggerHaven’s stream and happened on Turd’s entirely by mistake. Reporters asked the anonymous viewer if they thought they would ever return to Turd’s stream on purpose. They responded, “Let’s just say I’m going to be more careful where I click from now on”.

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1 Comment

Apr 26, 2020

Hilarious! 😂

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