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Break It Down: Citizen

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

This week on The Daily Peel: Break It Down, we will be discussing the Citizen role. A common question posed by monkeys of the Jungles is, “What is Citizenship?”, so we decided to Break It Down for you on The Daily Peel. This article will explain:

- What is Citizen?

- What are the benefits of Citizenship?

- How does one obtain the Citizen role?

- How does one lose the Citizen role?

- Why does BANANO have the Citizen role?

And will also include some miscellaneous FAQ.

What is Citizen?

Citizen is a role on the BANANO Discord server which you can easily obtain by interacting in the community and following the rules, and allows you to take part in BANtastic opportunities all over the server.

What are the benefits of Citizenship?

Citizenship is a highly sought after role in the BANANO Discord server for a number of reasons. The Citizen role allows you to:

- Receive community airdrops (happening multiple times daily)

- Enter sponsored Giveaways (lotteries)

- Participate in Citizen-Only Events

How does one obtain the Citizen role?

Receiving Citizenship is simple. We suggest you consider the following points as a guide, but not a guaranteed formula.

1. Select the Jungle of your preferred language

2. Introduce yourself in the chat as a new user

3. Be friendly, ask questions, participate in ongoing discussions, and just hangout

4. After a few days, a fellow Citizen or moderator can suggest/vouch for your Citizenship

5. Your account will be reviewed by a moderator before the role is granted

The granting of Citizenship is individually based, which means all accounts and their history are reviewed before the role is granted. This is to ensure they have been following the rules and do not show any signs of suspicious activity.

We warn you though.. the people of the Jungle demand a poem from new monkeys just earning their Citizenship... so prepare yourselves accordingly!

How does one lose the Citizen role?

Just as it can be given, Citizenship can be withheld or taken away - but not unless you’ve been seriously misbehaving! To help you out, here are some examples of infractions on the BANANO server which could result in the removal of citizenship:

- Begging/Asking for loans

- Harassment

- Sharing links unrelated to BANANO/NANO

For a comprehensive list of the BANANO Discord rules, levels of infractions, and their consequences, please scroll to the very bottom of the article.

BANANO is a meme coin after all, which means the threshold for being a bad monkey is, in our opinion, pretty high. With that being said, show respect to all you interact with, and know your audience.

Why does BANANO have the Citizen role?

BANANO has had ongoing free and fair distribution of its coin since the beginning, and it has no plans to change that. It allows us to share, create, and learn about crypto with a sense of freedom. So while distributing a coin as awesome as $BAN for free has its major advantages (which BANANO chooses to focus on), it also comes with some disadvantages. Even with an unparalleled community, BANANO is not immune to bad monkeys trying to exploit or cheat the system.

The Citizen role exists in order to keep BANANO’s distribution as FREE and FAIR as possible for all who enjoy it and benefit from it, which means trying to weed out the bots, alt accounts, and other attempts to take unfairly from the coin and community.

While it is a mark of belonging to the BANANO community; at its core, the Citizen role is to symbolize that the individual is a unique user. In this way, it is hoped that everybody receives their fair share of the distribution and the fun.


I am active on other BANANO social networks, such as Telegram or Reddit. Can I receive the Citizen role on Discord?

If you are active on one of our other social media networks and can be identified and vouched for by one of our moderators or zookeepers, chances are you could qualify for the Citizen role. The guidelines still require users from other platforms to engage in discussion on the Discord. So, while it may help your case, simply being active on another social media platform isn’t enough.

I have been in the server for longer than the guidelines state, and I don’t have the Citizen role. Why? If you have been in the server for a number of weeks/months following the rules, and you still don’t have the Citizen role, it is likely because you need more activity in the channels. We suggest finding the Jungle of your preferred language and participate more in the ongoing discussions!

I have been active and engaging in discussions in the server every day since I arrived, and I don’t have the Citizen role. Why? If you have been very active in the server but you don’t have the Citizen role, it is likely because you have not been in the server long enough. We estimate it takes 5-10 days at a minimum before an account can be considered for Citizenship, however, all individual cases vary. We suggest to keep doing what you’re doing, and it won’t be long!

Are there any ways to “fast track” receiving the Citizen role?

You may have seen this happen to someone else, or you, yourself may be wondering how you can achieve this. As mentioned before, granting of the Citizen role is individually based. It is possible to receive early by doing projects/promotion of BANANO (tools, videos, articles), and being active on another one of our social networks.

And no, bribes are not going to work.

Does the Citizen role come with any command privileges?

Yes. Once you are given the Citizen role, you are able to use the following new bot commands:

TO ENTER A BANANO GIVEAWAY: .ticket [entry fee amount]

TO ENTER A NANO GIVEAWAY: ?nanotipgiveaway/?ntg [entry fee amount]


In order to keep an overall order of the server, we have listed a number of rules for our community to follow. Breaking them will lead to a penalty depending on each case. If you wished to report a case or to ask for any moderator's help, you can privately contact any of the users under the BANANO POLICE role in the members list. These rules apply to the main server channels. Types of infractions: Mild: (Warning) - Not giving proper usage to the server channels.

- Speaking more than a few lines of a language other than english in an english channel.

- Buying, selling, or trading any currencies, goods, or services on the server.

- PING PONG transactions (I tip you and you return it to me).

- Spamming and/or flooding ( ie. Multiple mentions to the same user, excessive emoji spam, text spam, etc).

- Inciting another member of the community to deliberately break the rules.

Serious: (Immediate arrest+warning of banning/deporting depending on each case) - Re-committing any of the previous infractions after the first warning. - Harassing (this including sexual harassment, such as sending unsolicited sexually explicit images and otherwise harassing behaviour pertaining to nudity, sex, or sexuality), threatening, insulting or constantly annoying any member of the community. - Begging for Banano or Nano to the members of the community. Posting creeper links under the context of begging is forbidden, otherwise they're allowed. - Asking for loans of Banano or Nano to the members of the community. - Posting images that have sensitive content, inappropriate content or NSFW. - Sharing links that are not directly related to Banano or Nano (referral URLS, invitations to other servers, unapproved commercial advertising for dubious products and services).

If you have any questions, concerns, anything you’d like to see added to this article, OR YOU WANT US TO BREAK IT DOWN WITH ANOTHER TOPIC, leave a comment below!

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hello i am halk in discord. i want to citizen role. how to i get this role ?


спасибо, очень полезно


bagas kara
bagas kara
Sep 17, 2022

thanks for the great article - I am new citizen


Saju saju Bairagi
Saju saju Bairagi
Nov 03, 2021

I am really appreciated to this BANANO project. This project is really amazing. I love and like this BANANO PROJECT.


Dan Treccia
Dan Treccia
Sep 13, 2021

thanks for the great article - I am new citizen :)

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