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Dungeons & Banano: University

Dates of Event/Classes: November 13th, 20th, 27th Why hello aspiring adventurer! So I hear you want to take the leap into a world of fantasy and imagination, crawling with all manner of life. Before you get yourself disintegrated by an angry Lich, have a staring contest with a beholder or losing your hand to a Mimic, perhaps its time to learn a few things that can make your experience in the D&D world a little more pleasant. Introducing Dungeons & Banano: University!

I would like to introduce you to the professors and hosts of your class, SSJ4Link#8807 and sloth#7218 (aka Hampton)! Join them as they not only teach you the ins and outs of the basic rules that can help you in not only your time in the Cryptolands, but your very own game at home and so much more! Want to learn what is needed to become a dungeon master for your friends? Sure thing! Getting confused with making your own character? No problem! We can teach you what you need to know to get you started on your journey and be the hero you always wanted to be, or maybe your story will take you down the road of the villain the realm has never seen before! The event is comprised of three classes on three separate dates. Every class will have something in mind they would like to go over while being ready to answer your questions. On the last class there will be a practice mock session intended to help use all that you have learned while the professors answer any questions you might have while doing so. Head to the announcement channel (dnb-announcements) in the Dungeons & Banano discord server to find out when the next live session will be taking place (Link: Dungeons & Banano Discord Server), and don't forget to read the "getting-started" and "rules" channels as well! If you are not a member of the main Banano discord server, please join us by clicking on this link: Banano Main Discord Server. If you have anymore questions after joining the Dungeons & Banano discord server, reach out to one of the two professors (SSJ4Link#8807 and sloth#7218)! Don't forget to check out the "Dungeons & Banano Podcast". You can listen from wherever you normally listen to your podcasts! Keep up to date on all things Dungeons & Banano related by following us on Twitter:

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