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[EVENT] Themed Banaoke Is Back

It's time of a new edition of the Themed Banaoke, but this time the theme will be a surprise because it will be... ROULETTE STYLE

We'll be giving away more than 10000 BANANO.

Where: Karaoke Voice Channel

When: May 24, 2pm EDT

How To Participate

- Register by DMing @Briansthor or @Phantoad before the deadline (May 24, 9am EDT).

- Later in the morning, the participants will be tagged to join the Karaoke Voice Channel and #events-and-giveaways-and-bots to spin the roulette wheel and find out what they will have to sing.

- Then, show up at 2pm EDT to kick off the event.

We wait for you!!

This event is presented by Team Granja Events.

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