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It's been a while... But the Toadstool Events ballots are back!! And what better way to do it than on a night full of music, extravagance and surprises courtesy of the MTV Video Music Awards.

We are giving away 50000 BAN, so join us by filling out a ballot and submitting your predictions for the winners of the event!

Win $BAN every time your nominee wins! The more you get right, the higher your chance of also taking home one of our Top Prizes


1st Place: 2000 BAN

19th Place: 1900 BAN

+ Bansplits for EVERY AWARD, totalling 50000 BAN!

How to Participate

Aug 22-29, fill out the ballot in #🔥-contest-submissions-results with your DISCORD NAME and your predictions and DM it to me on Banano Discord (@Phantoad#4762)

The winners will be announced on August 31, after the ceremony.

Must be a BANANO Discord citizen to participate

#ToadstoolEvents #Events #Giveaways #Phantoad

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