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Freerice 6.9: GayRice

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

When: 00:00 June 24th to 23:59 June 30th (EST)

It's been a long break, but Banano Freerice is back! Come help us donate food in a time of serious need, and help us raise money for a great pride-related charity!

This is the last time we'll beg you to use our sign up form. We'll be using this as a whitelist for future events, so only resubmit if you'd like to update your info. We'll also be using this whitelist for upcoming projects, like a Freerice faucet and a regular Freerice pool!

Like the previous event, the Banano team has offered to match up to 10,000 BAN in donations to the event wallet! If you'd like to contribute WAX or NFTs, there is information at the bottom of the page. For donation info from previous Freerice events, check here.

"OutRight Action International fights for human rights and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people everywhere and to eliminate the systemic violence, persecution and discrimination LGBTIQ people face around the world. OutRight conducts vital and original research, advocates with governments at the United Nations and beyond, and supports grassroots LGBTIQ activists and organizations in dozens of countries each year."

JTV GayRice Night

Join us at 15:00 EST (19:00 UTC) on June 25th for GayRice night on JungleTV! Enqueue a Pride or Rice-related video to earn your share of 2500 BAN. (50 BAN per video, 2 videos max per person.)

NFT Rewards

As always, we also have tons of NFTs to giveaway. This event will feature the cryptomonKeys Pride Stack, a new pride-related cat sticker from Sas, and an assortment of Freerice NFTs! Since this event is a few days shorter, the rice requirement for NFTs has been lowered to 6,900 grains.

Everyone who earns 6,900 grains of rice this event will receive an equaliKey monKeystack, courtesty of the cryptomonKeys team!

If you haven't already started collecting cryptomonKeys, check them out! CMs utilize fast and free distribution, just like Banano. Join the Discord to learn more and take part in frequent NFT/BAN giveaways. Website | Discord

Sas of Cat Stickers is back with another collaboration! After the awesome Freerice sticker and monKeystack, she offered to design a pride-themed sticker to reward to players for this event. It will be dropped to members of the Cat Stickers community, as well as the top 50 eligible players from this event, so get farming!

If you're a fan of kitties, fantastic art, and a great community, go check out Cat Stickers and join the Discord! You might notice some familiar BAN friends around, too.

Like always, we'll be dropping lots of Freerice NFTs this time. In case you didn't notice, our collection was added to Wombat Dungeon Master! You can now "stake" your hard-earned Freerice NFTs to put them to work.

While there won't be any new Freerice NFTs this time, we will be clearing out most of what we can on old templates. If you're eligible for NFTs this time, you're likely to get at least a few!

How to Join the Event

  1. Make an account at

  2. Once logged in, join our Banano group by clicking here or entering the group code: A7G4VWT7. If the group link does not work, you can access the Groups page by using the menu at the top left to enter that code.

  3. Use this form to enter. We just need your Freerice name, BAN address, and WAX if you have one.

  4. Once you're in the Freerice group, go play! All your rice will count towards the group total, and you'll be paid for your contributions during the 7 day event.

Freerice Tips

  1. There are now a few dozen categories besides the default vocabulary, which tends to get boring after a while. Try some of the science categories. If you're looking for something super fast, try Multiplication Table!

  2. You can get to the next question faster if you click or tap as soon as your answer turns green. It will cut down a lot on the transition time.

  3. Freerice works great on all devices. The mobile version of the site works just as well as the full site for most.

  4. Throw on some Netflix or JungleTV on another screen while you play!


  1. Event runs from 00:00 June 24th to 23:59 June 29th. All times are EST unless otherwise stated.

  2. Participants are paid equal to their percentage of the group's rice earned multiplied by the half Banano pot. (Your Rice Earned / Group Total) x Banano x 0.5 [If you earn 1% of the rice, you earn 0.5% of the Banano.] Remember, the other half of the Banano pot is sent to charity.

  3. Payments will be capped to discourage cheating. There are certainly ways to game Freerice, but this is a way to reward the community for doing something great. If you want to take advantage of the site, we ask that you just do not join our group. Cap will be 69,420 grains, like the last few events.

  4. Multiple entries will be removed.

Donation and Contact Info

- Banano Event Wallet - This is the event pot. Distribution will come from this address following the close of the event. Any BAN donations here will be distributed to participants and to charity. - FreeRice WAX Wallet - All WAX donations will be added to the Banano charity donation total. Any NFTs sent to this address will be distributed to players as extra rewards! - Donations are sent via The Giving Block, which accepts a large number of different cryptocurrencies. Feel free to donate crypto through there, or donate directly to these charities. - Reddit - OviRussianSpy

- Discord - OviRussianSpy#2698

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