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I'm Here to Tell You About The Great Pampkin

The following poem is fan lore written about the greatest Legendary cryptomonKey in existence. This does not represent the opinion of anyone other than its writer, even though it should, because the Pampkin is the best.

The Great Pampkin

The minds of babes do often impress

with the magical tales they can weave in excess.

This tale is no different, though without much success,

The lore of Great Pampkin and the love one professed.

See Milo the monkey was just a young one

When he confused two legends into something more fun.

Now he speaks to everyone under the sun

Of the Pampkin and its full sack of toys for both daughters and sons.

See Milo will swear that each Halloween night

The Pampkin will visit a patch when just ripe

It is large and so kind, Its exactly his type

So Milo goes door to door spreading legendary hype.

“I would like to tell you about the Great Pampkin”

he says with a smile

Some shoo him off, and some listen awhile

But each fall he works using cunning and guile

To spread news of the Pampkin ‘cross every square mile.

On All Hallows Eve he will set up his camp

His blankie, a pillow, and often a lamp

He cares not if the ground is cold, wet and damp

For history awaits him to leave his great stamp.

See Milo has hunted this Pampkin for years

His friends ridicule him but it does not bring tears

He has blind love and faith in his Pampkin so dear,

So he goes and he waits with a heart full of cheer.

And every November he wakes in the dirt

Surrounded by pumpkins with soil on his shirt

Surprisingly though his feelings aren’t hurt

Because he just missed it! He jumps up with a spurt.

Then he runs to the town to ask all his friends

If they saw the Great Pampkin, what toys did he send?

They poke fun and laugh and they say its pretend

But Milo will spread its great lore ‘til…

The End.

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Oct 17, 2021

I love how this reads. Great work!

Oct 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much!

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