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Jungle Fanta confirms mycelium hyperlink outbreak in the Banano Republic

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

(DailyPeel) - A sharp rise in some disturbing antics uncovered an ecosystem of "psychedelic mycelium hyperlinks" originating from Banano Republic Discord channelfrankensteins-lab” tied to the outbreak. Panic has ensued as disorderly fits of silliness, disappearances, and unprecedented monkeying-around wreak havoc on the community. Experts advise "Don't click anything! Throw away your mouse."

(Photo credit: EvaBlitzar via Midjourney)

The Center for Banano Disease Control (CBDC) had refused to comment. Daily Peel Action News spoke with avid naturalist and Banano Republic "Fanta" Jimothy the monKeyhiKer inquiring about common solutions for such a situation:

"An abnormal mycelium specimen is missing from #frankensteins-lab. Do not underestimate its danger! By now, it may be underneath the very ground you walk on, waiting to fruit and spread its intoxicating spores. Stay indoors, stay with loved ones, but most importantly... don't click anything!” -Jimothy monKeyhiKer

As it stands, the strategy should be to avoid clicking on hyperlinks until verified to be safe. Even those posted by moderators or other trusted sources may have been compromised by the fungal mind-control powers. In fact, how did you even GET here to read this article? :huhhh: Symptoms include dizziness, shortness of benis, hands for feet, delusions of grandeur, and probably death.

Although it appears the outbreak originated somewhere in #frankensteins-lab (a place inside Discord for everything related to Banano technical suggestions, app/game development, nodes, issues and Non-Meme-Design stuff) users of all Banano Republic platforms are to be cautioned since pathogens move across these very often. A large percentage of monkeys are exposed to fun events and chances for free cryptocurrency and NFTs. While the affliction does not appear to be a risk to Banano technology, economy, development, or to the stability of the network, having a weird fungal disease is extraordinarily funky.

It is now the opinion of BR health officials to get tested in order to stop the spread. Free testing is available at the following locations if you enter coupon code “FAKENEWS19”:

(Photo credits: EvaBlitzar via Midjourney)

Special thank you to EvaBlitzar, Jimothy - the monKeyhiKer, and RonSwanson for help with this article. Lub from aku.

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