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iMalFect's Faucet, and why is it so unique?

iMalFect's Faucet is a banano faucet, which in its first version, distributed 0.2 BANANO per user.

Why is this faucet "unique"?

Well, let's first start with a small explanation about the faucet itself...

The Faucet in its first version was, well... just a faucet, which gave users a pretty high reward at a time: 0.2 BANANO daily with no requirements. The design of the faucet itself was pretty bad, thanks to my skills.


Okay, now let me explain the second version of the faucet.

Second version of the faucet comes with a special feature called pools.

What are pools? Pools are "minifaucets" created by the community, each pool has its own banano address, reward, and a unique page. Every time you are claiming banano from the faucet, it doesn't give you 0.2 BANANO, instead, it selects a random pool, and distributes the banano from it.

Here's how it looks:


What's the use for the pools?

Pools can be used in different ways, such as:

For Individuals:

A pool made by a community member who wants to help distribute banano to more people. You'll get a pool page too!

For Banano-related website owners:

Every claim, the user gets redirected to the "pool's page" which contains a description, banner, and a link to the website (can be a short text too!). That way, you can promote your banano-related website to more users.

Here's how a pool page looks currently:


Can I check it out?

Of course! The website link is:

We're currently working on a dark mode, and a pool creation wizard.


Can I have my own pool?

Yes! If you'd like to have your own pool, contact imalfect#6666 on Discord, or u/iMalFect on Reddit. Each pool costs 100 BANANO, and it is used, to pay for the server, the faucet is hosted at.

You'll get a personal pool page like:


I found a bug, vulnerability, I have an interesting idea, or I'd like to contribute!

That's awesome! Contact me on Reddit u/iMalFect or at Discord imalfect#6666 for more details :)

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1 Comment

Aug 19, 2021

Cool! I will send you a message about a pool.

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