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[GIVEAWAY] Instagram Monthly Update Airdrops

Banano & Instagram make a good Team

Banano is always creating amazing imagery, whether it's memes, graphics, flyers, monKeys, announcements, or something completely different. We have a community of extremely talented creators, and Instagram makes a great platform to show that creativity off. Instagram also helps us bring new users into the ecosystem that may have otherwise never heard of Banano or even cryptocurrencies in general. Banano is the perfect onboarding ramp for new people entering crypto. Our perfect storm of user-friendliness, low barrier to entry, and free distribution make us a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to learn and earn without having to put up any risk of their own. With that being said, it is important that the Banano community helps to support us on these more mainstream platforms, so that we can improve our presence and continue to grow our community.

This is why every Monthly Update post since the start of 2020 has had a small #airdrop to all of its participants. We consider it a thank you to everyone that is actively helping us grow our community and increase our engagement.

Go Follow us on Instagram! Help us (and yourself) by liking, commenting, and engaging on our posts. Help get Banano infront of more people by making our presence larger. That is something we will all benefit from.

Here is a list of the passed Monthly Update Instagram posts so you can see how simple/easy contributing really is.

Don't forget to check out our multi-lingual communities and support the amazing work they are doing to help promote Banano to the world!

We really appreciate your support! Thank you, Ban Fam Best Fam! #Giveaways #Instagram #Oops

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Felly Babawale
Felly Babawale
Apr 08, 2020

I'll follow on Instagram now

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