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[GOSSIP] MonKeys Mask Up Heading into New Year (And Why You Should Too!)

2020 has been coined The Year of Covid+Quarantine, and for obvious reasons.

But let’s not get carried away heading into the New Year thinking that we are leaving this crisis behind- because just like the New Year’s resolution that seems to follow you into your next big chapter, COVID is licking its lips in anticipation for 2021.

The BANANO Republic urges all MonKeys to Mask Up heading into the new year, and to exercise great caution while interacting with others.

Maintain at least a 2 metre distance while sending and receiving tips. Only touch the benis of another user if it is absolutely necessary. The Daily Peel advises you to sanitize and wash your hands after every rain, and reduce out-of-jungle activity to 0.19%.

For more bullshit statistics and parodies on warnings, please stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Please note that all Gossip articles are satire. Any Gossip articles relating to individuals and/or events published on The Daily Peel are fictional and for memeing purposes only. Seriously, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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