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[GOSSIP] Researchers Suggest Memes Could Be Saving Grace in Economic Collapse

Researchers at the Multinational Establishment for Marketing and Economics (or M.E.M.E.) suggest that there is a saving grace amidst the panic of the world’s inevitable economic collapse- and that saving grace is shitposting.

It’s true, shitposting. Memes, to be more precise. 9E4146B5A930

Maybe the reason memes are so successful in today’s day is they are recyclable and relatable. Maybe it’s the short but sweet commentary juxtaposed with the recognizable imagery, or the meta and dark humour we access with them. The reality is that memes tap into a very primal, almost caveman-like instinct in many of us.

In more relatable terms... Few word make monkey laugh. FBCC694560482772

And not only do memes make us laugh and help us relate to our surroundings and one another's experiences, they also are so deeply wrapped into our culture that they are quickly becoming a significant part of our economy, too.

In all seriousness, we already live in a world that economizes memes by people and by platforms. Social media accounts generate billions of followers by creating and recycling memes, while influencers are paid millions of dollars to create and comment on meme content. Doesn’t the next step of a ripe meme economy mean adopting an evenly ripe meme currency? A cryptocurrency which directly, instantly, and feelessly rewards people for creating the memes we love and share? DC49FB495

With 2021 right under our noses, there are tons of things that we will want to consider heading into the New Year. Of these, taking control and responsibility of your assets and liberating yourself from the stresses of regular banking and finances sounds like a pretty sweet way to get the ball rolling. Add the combination of cryptocurrency and memes to the mix, and you’ll be laughing. D629ED49B

The Daily Peel Team wishes you all a bountiful, beautiful, and BANtastic 2021. We look forward to continuing to reward you for your brains, blogs, and bullshit while we sail into the New Year, and as always: BE2CD1E8E258F0DD

Never let your Memes be Dreams. 90

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