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MonKeys Could Be Seeing BANANO Merch Again SoonTM

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

UPDATE: The Daily Peel is currently in the process of improving your experience as a reader and a writer by switching servers and integrating some exciting new features. In the meantime, visit r/bananomarket where you can find other BANANO merch vendors!


Happy 19th, from The Daily Peel Team to you!

As many of you may have noticed, The Daily Peel celebrated our 1 year BANniversary making headlines this month - and with that, we wanted to let you guys in on what‘s coming to the Peel SoonTM.

It’s true! Some exciting developments are underway as we move into our second year: including more citizen-driven content, new monthly columns, and what’s this.. a merch shop?

Introducing The Daily Peel Merch Shop

If you missed your shot to purchase BANANO merch back when we had the Banano Store, you’re not alone. That’s why, coming to you Tuesday, The Daily Peel is launching a BANANO merch store stocked with potassium-powered goodies. As easily accessible as all your favourite satire and news, you will be able to purchase BANANO clothing and accessories using your $BAN!

What can you purchase with your $BAN?

Our team of monKeys is working on designs which you will be able to sport on numerous styles of clothing and accessories. Using your $BAN, you will soon be table to purchase BANANO goodies like apparel, accessories, and more!

Here’s an example of our Don’t Let Your Memes Be Dreams template on the You’re Either Innie or You’re Outie sweater (not its real name but it should be):

Here’s an example of the Fanni Banani Pack to HODL your keys (also not the name of this but damn, I should be the product namer):

Mock Design

Here’s Joe Osmand wearing a regular tshirt that we photoshopped to have a BANANO logo on it. Doesn’t he look so much cooler?

And one more thing...

While we continue to roll out developments for the shop, we also have another surprise! The Daily Peel is excited to cover the reveal of the latest cryptomonKeys card:

Introducing: The Nifty Shopper

The Future is here. Your Swag will be nifty.

Rarity: Common (max. 9119 mints)

Card and link overview also at the cryptomonKeys gallery

How can I get one of these NFTs?

We will be reserving between 119-1019 of the 9119 minted to distribute in upcoming giveaways, design contests, and bounties for you to complete while we continue to develop this new aspect of our BANANO ecosystem! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to win.

Otherwise, as always, join our BANANO Discord and the cryptomonKeys Discord for other chances to win this card, other cryptomonKeys NFTs, and $BAN!

Join The Daily Peel Team

Got design ideas and want to see monKeys wearing them on some BANANO merch? Think you can help us in some other way? Reach out to any of our Team Members on Discord. We are still looking for help of all kinds!

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7 commentaires

16 juin 2021

YAYYY banano merch! Now everyone that sees me (monkes at my house) will see how cool I am! Banani pack!


Michael Weiler
Michael Weiler
20 avr. 2021

I'd recommend adding some banano shades if possible


Shimmy shim
Shimmy shim
19 avr. 2021

I don't have enough BANs!


nice idea, Go banano


19 avr. 2021

That Fanni Banani got me good.

$BAN well spent fo sho.

Keep up the good work BANANO Team, there are plenty monkeys out here supporting the project in some way.

Don't let your Fanni Bananis be dreams.

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