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Moff is an rpg on discord that restarts every week. Akus move through positions 1-20 daily collecting treasure, moff, salt, living random adventures in which you decide the path.

At the end of the week players must be in a safe position to sure they are not attacked by the dragon. On the same day we engage the dragon with random hits based on your amount of moff.

Akus will receive BANANO, VITA and NFTs on Wax blockchain as rewards based on their amount of moff, dragon hits and treasures earned during the week.

-COMMAND LIST - Use to start the game !a - Attract - Gain [1-20] MOFFS !r - Roll - Roll [5-10] Daily Movement Points !l - Look - Enter 1 or 3 to look for Treasure on each position. (Shortcut: !l 3 or !l 1) !m - Move - Move to next position. Also prevents movement if position is not looked at yet. !h - Heist - REQUIREMENT: 25 MOFFS - Gain SALT. Daily DEF based on MOFFS - No MOFFS are used or lost. !g - Guess - REQUIREMENT: Position 6 or 20 - Guessing game to win MOFFS. 6 uses per week, may be used all at once. !t - Taxicrab - REQUIREMENT: 3-5 MOFFS - Use 0 to go to Town, or pay MOFFS instead of movement points to move. Costs 3-5 MOFFS per position/Town visit. !wtf - Help - Get more information about all commands. (Server DMs must be on) ITEM ONLY TOWN - Only used in town !ex, !trade - Crystal Exchange - Trade SALT Crystals and Crystal Shards for MOFFS, SALT, or other Crystals !spire - Sparkly Spire - REQUIREMENT: 20 SALT - Guessing game to win SALT Crystals and weekly treasure prizes. No SALT is used or lost. !gym - Gym - REQUIREMENT: 3 SALT Spend SALT to gain Health for movement point bonuses during daily roll. Costs 3-9 SALT STATS - Use Any Time !p - Progress - See available commands, MOFFS/SALT, position, Looked positions, and more. !inv - Inventory - View Items, Crystals, and Treasure !pump - Get Pumped - REQUIREMENT: Pumped Up Pumps (item) - Gain +1 to +3 movement points daily. !ml - MoveLook - REQUIREMENT: Hacker Glasses (item) - Automatically moves and looks at unlooked positions. !kraberto - Shady dealer - REQUIREMENT: Taxicrab Token (item) - Spend SALT to gain movement points or reset looked positions. Costs 5-15 SALT and Health. Once* Daily. Must be in Town. Must DM command to the bot. We need more active players to take down the mighty DRAGUM! Recruit a new player, and both of you will split 69 BAN!

After you get into the discord server scroll down and start playing in #⭕-mmd channel.

send good vibes and give like!!!
we are aku
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