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Monkey Web Coding Challenge #2

Hello World!

This is the second web coding challenge. This challenge is the perfect opportunity to learn how to code while earning Banano! Even if you don't know the difference between Java and Javascript, this challenge can teach you the basics all while you make a site of your very own. Plus, there's tons of experienced developers and fellow learners ready to help you in the #frankensteins-lab channel in the Banano Discord. Don't worry if you didn't participate in the first one.

Of course, there is also a section for already advanced web developers!

Congratulations to the previous winners, u/to4zter and u/SUB_Photo. We looked at all 24 submissions, they were all very good, but these two stood out.

Anyways, onto the details of this challenge:


We have 4500 Banano in prizes, plus NFTs!

· 1000 Bansplit for beginner challenge

· 1000 Bansplit for advanced challenge

· Bansplit of 1500 + Banano NFTs among for all valid participants

· 500 Banano each for the two winners (one beginner winner, one advanced winner)

· Cryptomonkeys NFTs on Wax blockchain (probably)

Deadline: August 2nd, 24:00 EDT.


  1. Create a navigational header (example image) on the top of your website. Include at least 2 links! These links can lead to other pages on your website, or lead to outside websites (eg social media profiles or a link to your favorite youtube video). Bonus points if you put an image in the header.

  2. Make two buttons. If an user clicks the first button, some text about your favorite food should appear. If an user clicks the second button, some text about your favorite animal should appear. If the user did not click the buttons, the text should be hidden. Don't know how? Scroll down to the FAQ help section below.

Both requirements must be met to qualify for rewards


  1. Create a ticking countdown until Banano's birthday (April 1st).

  2. Without using Bananojs (or any other libraries like nacl) generate a valid Banano seed (need help? this article I wrote may help). Then, using Bananojs, display the first 5 addresses generated with that seed.

Both requirements must be met to qualify for rewards.


  1. The content of your code must be created by you.

  2. Finish code and submit form before deadline (1 week from posting, so Tuesday August 2nd, Midnight EDT)

  3. You must use required elements and complete all the tasks required for your level (you can chose between beginner or advanced).

  4. Your code must be uploaded on Codepen. If you don’t have an account you can create one for free here

  5. Fill in the form with; - Your Banano address. - Wax address. - Challenge tier (advanced or beginner) - The link of your weekly posts at the social media. - The link of your code at Codepen in order of we can check your work.

  6. Your page must not have offensive or inappropriate content.

  7. Make at least 1 posts on the social media of your preference showing the progress of your code. The post should have a short description of at least one line and contain least 1 image where we can see your code. (optional)

Last time we were lenient with both the deadline and completeness (some individuals did not or only partially completed one of the two required tasks), but this time incomplete entries will not be accepted and all code will be reviewed on August 3rd, so any changes after that will not be seen.


I don't know how to do this. Where can I get help?

Where can you ask a question about the challenge or ask for help when writing your code?

To join the Banano Discord Server, simply create a discord account and then go to The channel where you can ask questions or request help about this challenge is #frankensteins-lab.

The following sites also may provide help:

- Stack Overflow

- W3Schools

- MDN Web Docs

Specifically for the beginner challenge (please do not directly copy code from here, just look and learn what they are doing):

What is Codepen?

CodePen is a social development platform. It allows you to write code in the browser, and see the results of it as you build. A useful and liberating online code editor for developers of any skill, and particularly empowering for people learning to code.

Why a post on social media?

Banano is a community driven project and we want more great people like you! Who share their ideas and help build a nice space for the community to have fun and share potassium with them. This is totally optional and a small reward will be given to those share a post.

Is the post on social media required?

No, but we encourage you to do so. You can even do it on the Banano discord if you have no other social media.

Can I add the second challenge features to the website I made in the first challenge?

Sure, if you are a beginner, we in fact encourage you to keep working on the website from the first challenge. You do not have to if you don't want too. If you didn't do the first challenge, don't worry about it.

I did the advanced challenge. What can I do with my new Bananojs skills?

Why not join Booster (500,000 Banano in prizes!) and make something cool?

If you have any other questions leave them in the comments or write to us at #frankenstain-labs on the official Banano discord server. Without more to say, let the challenge begin.

David but not Copperfield#3089


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Kai Brockelt
Kai Brockelt
Jul 27, 2022

Should we translate this article too? I can offer german

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