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Monkey Web Coding Challenge

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Hello world!

We bring a challenge for you. We know that many of you are beginners or advanced developers that share your work on social media, maybe to help others or promote your work. Now, what if we tell you that you could earn some $BAN just for completing a weekly challenge?



  1. Make a short biography of yourself (fictional is ok) relating to Banano, using the basic HTML elements of <p> <h1> <b> <img>, etc

  2. Ask the user what color they like, and turn the page background that color. Make sure to include the colors of Banano!

This will teach you basic HTML, and give you a taste of CSS and JS!


  1. Given an array of names, sort them alphabetically and create an auto suggest function as the user types in letters into an input. Include Banano related names!

  2. Display address’ banano balance and recent transactions using Bananojs, other libs, or RPC.


· 500 Bansplit for beginner challenge

· 750 Bansplit for advanced challenge

· Bansplit of 1500 + Banano NFTs among for all valid participants

· Cryptomonkeys NFTs on Wax blockchain

Deadline: Tuesday, July 19th, 23:59 ET


  1. The content of your code must be created by you.

  2. You must use required elements and complete all the tasks required for your level (you can chose between beginner or advanced).

  3. Your code must be uploaded on Codepen. If you don’t have an account you can create one for free here

  4. Fill in the form with; - Your Banano address. - Wax address. - The link of your weekly posts at the social media. - The link of your code at Codepen in order of we can check your work.

  5. Your page must not have offensive or inappropriate content such as bad words.

  6. Make at least 1 posts on the social media of your preference showing the progress of your code. The post should have a short description of at least one line and contain least 1 image where we can see your code. (optional for extra reward)


Where can you ask a question about the challenge or ask for help when writing your code?

Join to Banano discord server where you can ask any question Click on “Get Banano” and then click “Join our Discord”, this will take you directly to the server. The channel where you can ask questions or request help about this challenge is #frankensteins-lab.

What is codepen?

CodePen is a social development platform. It allows you to write code in the browser, and see the results of it as you build. A useful and liberating online code editor for developers of any skill, and particularly empowering for people learning to code.

Why a post on social media?

Banano is a community driven project and we want more great people like you! Who share their ideas and help build a nice space for the community to have fun and share potassium with them. This is totally optional and a small reward will be given to those share a post. If you have any other questions leave them in the comments or write to us at #frankenstain-labs on the official Banano discord server. Without more to say, let the challenge begin.

David but not Copperfield#3089 Prussia#5256

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