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Mouse's Marathon Tournament! Featuring: Flash Flash Revolution

I recently went on a trip down memory lane by playing FFR, and during my trip, I had a vision. A vision of a grand tournament with fabulous prizes! A tournament effectively mimicking MonKeymining and MonKeymiles, by being easy for players to access, participate, and earn rewards.

This is a marathon gaming tournament where you can play the free-to-play game Flash Flash Revolution to win CryptomonKey NFT prizes! Computer and keyboard required. Prize pool includes 1,000+ Wax worth of CryptomonKey NFTs!

This event starts now and concludes on Wednesday, August 4th at 19:19 UTC

Originally created in 2002, Flash Flash Revolution is a free, online clone of the popular game "Stepmania" which is basically Dance Dance Revolution without the dancing. Almost 2 whole decades later, Flash Flash Revolution is still alive and active! Which is good, otherwise this event wouldn't be possible.

Oh hey! They've got their own tournament going on. Neat!

----- How to Participate -----

The game accounts are tied to their forum, so that's why the registration page is for the forum.

You can input whatever information you want.

E-mail verification is not required.

Download the game client (Called "R³") via the link on their homepage. Unzip, run and you'll see this

Log into your new FFR account and you're ready to start playing!

The game will automatically keep track of your play stats, all available on the FFR website. This is what I will be using to track scores and winners of the tournament.

To ensure your stats are synced, click the bottom part on the main page frequently.


In order to be an official participant, you must fill out this form. All I need is your FFR account name, Discord Name+4 digit ID#, and Wax Address. For tracking, verification, and reward distribution purposes.

(If you happen to already have a FFR account prior to this event, please make and use a new account. This tournament works under the condition that everyone is using a fresh account)

----- Objectives and Rewards -----

There are 3 different objectives with respective rewards:

- THE Most Skilled (Rare CryptomonKey rewards)

- Highest Numbers (Uncommon CryptomonKey rewards)

- Participation (Common CryptomonKey rewards)

--- THE Most Skilled ---

FFR has a sophisticated Skill Rating system, which is actually new to me, but my original idea wasn't going to work so I had to think of something else. I decided I'm going to trust the FFR skill rating system and use that as the basis for determining who wins this category. Click the linked text for details as to how the rating system actually works.

Simply have the highest "Skill Rating" at the conclusion of the event to win.

--- Highest Numbers ---

Get ready to grind. The objective here is to get the highest/best numbers in the following stats

1. FFR Grandtotal - This one is simply your total accumulated score. Just play more and get more points to win!

2. FFR Average Rank - This one is a little complicated, but it’s your average score rank across ALL the available songs. The lower the number, the better. To win this one, you’ll have to beat as many different songs as possible.

3. Total AAA’s - This one is gonna be tough. AAAing a song requires you hit a perfect on every single note, which ain’t easy. You’re gonna need patience for this one. I suggest starting with the easiest songs first.

4. Total Full Combos - Full combo as many songs as possible. Finish a song without missing any notes in order to Full combo it. You’re allowed “Boos” (Pressing a key without hitting an arrow).

You can find all your relevant stats here if you're logged in:

These are all the relevant stats except Tier Points. I'm not using those. Those are for the big boys.

Stats like Total AAAs and Full Combos are only counted once per song. Repeatedly AAAing or Full Combo’ing the same song won’t count anymore than once. Grandtotal is the exception, and repeat plays contribute.

--- Participation ---

Simply participate and you qualify!

Minimum to qualify is level 3 on the cryptomonKeys discord server and at least 10 played songs.

Your Grandtotal score will be what determines if you get a guaranteed prize or a chance.

--- Prize Information ---

I am supplying the initial prizes. All relevant Information regarding current prizes and player rankings will be available via the following spreadsheet. (Work in progress. Will be updated as the event progresses)

The initial prize pool is:

3 Rare CryptomonKeys.

One each for the top three ranked players in THE Most Skilled

12 Uncommon CryptomonKeys.

One each for the top three ranked players in the 4 different Highest Numbers categories

50 Common CryptomonKeys.

One each for the top 25 Grandtotal Scorers that didn't win any of the other categories. The remaining 25 will be randomly distributed to the remaining participants that meet the level 3 discord and 10 songs played requirement.

If it starts to seem like particular players are winning too much, I will likely conjure additional rewards to ensure no one gets "Knocked out" of earning rewards. The Reward Spreadsheet will have the currently available information on who's winning what. Additional Rewards may potentially be added as the event progresses.

All prizes will be distributed some time after the conclusion of the event.

Event concludes on Wednesday, August 4th at 19:19 UTC

There may be spontaneous bonus missions separate from the main objectives/prizes. If there are, these will be posted to the CryptomonKeys Discord server.

--- Pro Tip ---

I highly recommend adjusting some settings, mainly scroll speed and the key configuration. Using the default arrows isn't ideal. There are other key set-ups that can/should be used, and there's actually a section on the fan wiki titled "Where should I put my fingers"

The fan wiki FAQ page linked above also has a lot of good info.

Good luck!

Mouse is not responsible for any wrist cramps or broken keyboards. Play at your own risk

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