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[NEWS] Lumo Gangster Stops in for Birthday Cake

The infamous Augusto was seen not only present and chatting in the Jungle, but LIVE on a Discord Stream yesterday. It came as a surprise to the many monkeys of the BANANO Republic to see the former Lumo Scammer out and about, with some doubting his legitimacy. To clarify these doubts, he came in very eager to show his dinner to everybody using Discord’s Live Stream feature.

We can only speculate that the timing of this event was in correlate with the celebration of BANANO’s 2nd birthday.

The event caused quite the commotion on what was already a very excited and busy day in the Republic. Past memes were dug up and posted in the Jungle to enjoy. The Daily Peel managed to snag one:

BANANO Police and Meme Lord Beardless Duck, one of Augusto’s biggest fans, appeared delighted by his surprise visit. It gave us all an opportunity to reminisce on the good and the bad.

He also sent some messages to the beloved BANANO Dictators. First, he expressed to ChocolateFudCake his admiration for him, which then followed into a tag to renesq with no context.

But has Augusto returned to the BANANO Republic for good?

It just goes to show you: No matter how deep your thug river runs, nobody is too gangster for birthday cake.

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