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[NEWS] New Champion Sparks Conspiracy at the June Marbles Grand Prix

Since the Daily Peel began to cover the monthly Marbles Grand Prixes, there was always one constant: a user who, despite trying, always stayed on the podium (or close to it) but didn't get the victory. This constant came to a halt though, as the third time was the charm, and in June, he got what he wanted since the very beggining.

The June Grand Prix started with a bit of turmoil on the Twitch platform, which forced a change in the rules: Boost mode races were no longer going to be part of the leaderboard, only normal mode.

The first week saw the usual suspects do their thing: Kron needed to bounce back after a not-so-good result in May; Arksun was looking for the back-to-back and crown himself two-time champion; and Elvirtugrana, taking the bad taste out of his mouth after losing the podium in the last races of the previous month.

Kron and Elvirtu started stronger and quickly began to take advantage of the rest, as the battle for third place intensified. At one point, up to fifteen participants were fighting for the podium.

This month, there wasn't a clear leader in victories and that made the championship tighter... or not?

Many rekt races left most of the participants without a chance while the first two took hold. And that was how Jooj and Lanz3 began the hunt for the third place that had Arksun watching his aspirations of a second place, crow- and another top spot dissolve... Right?

Finally we come to the last days of competition. Elvirtugrana grew stronger and Kron was losing his advantage by being rekt in several races. The advantage was unattainable and so Elvirtu, with a strong finish, achieved the precious victory and was crowned champion of the June Marbles Grand Prix.

But that wasn't all, folks.

Inexplicably, Arksun made an epic comeback. Jooj met bad luck and said goodbye to third place, while Arksun climbed and climbed, not only to third place, but to fight Kron for second place in the championship.

Last race, minimum point difference ... and it happened. Kron rekt again, Arksun finishing at number ten, second place confirmed...

...Oh, the controversy.

The awards were delivered amid claims: SCAM, BOT, CONSPIRACY!!! Trigger tried to calm the waters with phrases like "He has been with me from the first moment" which didn't do very well.

So, we close this third coverage of the Marbles races. But there is no need to wait long since today, in the midst of controversy, The JULY GRAND PRIX begins.

Will Elvirtugrana continue his strong step to a new victory? Will the previous champions return to the attack? Or maybe an unexpected challenger appears.. Tune in and find out!

Finally, a look at the top 25.

Everyone is invited to participate in this monthly event on TriggerHaven's Twitch channel, where fresh potassium will be delivered in every race.

Now, one more gift for you:

Conspiracy cover and higlights thanks to deacero.


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