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NHL pick’em 2023/4! Earn cryptomonKeys and Banano by choosing winning teams!

Hockey season is here! Will the scores run high or end in an ‘egg’? No matter the score, join us to earn some BAN and cryptomonKey NFTs! The 2023 NHL season long pick’em will have 26 weeks of Regular Season games. Playoffs come in April, when the best teams face off! You can look for an official cryptomonKey NHL bracket when playoff time comes! This is a very similar format as last year, and the current NFL pick'em, so lots of monkeys will be able to help if you have questions. You can also always contact Jimothy19 or SSJ4Link in Discord with any questions.

Playing is easy! Join our our PoolTracker group (also linked below with a screenshot) and make your picks there each week. Fill out our Google Form just once (so we have your WAX/BAN info).


  • One entry per person. Your PoolTracker (pick’em website) Screen Name must match your Discord tag

  • Picks are due before the start of each game (Friday-Sunday games only, no Monday-Thursday games.) Missing the deadline for a pick will result in a loss.

  • Tiebreaker for each week is what you predict to be the combined score of both teams in the final game played (Last Sunday Game of the week)

  • 1 point per win

  • Must be an active member of cryptomonKeys

Weekly Prizes (Regular Season only, 26 weeks)

  • Top 10 players will receive drops

  • Top 10 players will receive 190/150/119/69*7 BAN

Full-Season Prizes (Best record through 26 weeks)

  • 1st - 6,900 BAN + Rare CM + monKeypacks

  • 2nd - 4,200 BAN + 2 Uncommon CM + monKeypacks

  • 3rd - 2,500 BAN + Uncommon CM + monKeypack

  • 4th - 1,900 BAN + random monkey ,drop

  • 5th - 1,500 BAN + random monkey ,drop

  • 6th - 1,019 BAN + random monkey ,drop

  • 7th - 690 BAN + random monkey ,drop

  • 8th - 420 BAN + random monkey ,drop

  • 9th - 250 BAN + random monkey ,drop

  • 10th - 190 BAN + random monkey ,drop

Also, look forward to a playoff bracket in April!

For any questions or for help, message Jimothy19 or SSJ4Link on Discord.

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