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Rekt Month and Joostice at July's Marbles Grand Prix

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

There is a scent of justice in the air, do you smell it?

In the midst of drama and controversy, the month of July arrived, and with it, a new month of Marbles races.

Alts, hacks, rigged, bots were the most mentioned words before starting the first race of the month... but this wouldn't be a normal month. New maps brought excitement and new users came ready to take the crown from the last champion.

Many rekts maps with unexpected results (Including a only-survivor race for ridsevilla) were a complete chaos for the balls of the racers, although some managed to take advantage of this situation.

Usernum24, meadster, ridsevilla, and Trigger Haven himself were among those who took advantage of this moment and if you are wondering about characters like Arksun, Kron or Elvirtugrana, well, they were competing for the rekt award. (unfortunately this month there was no such award)

There were also 0-rekts races and the fastest and most consistent balls such as lanz3, mina_banoo, josegabo and JoojMachine increased their score in the leaderboard, and the fight for the top 3 began.

...but what easy comes, easy goes, and a negative streak ended the aspirations of usernum24 and mina_banoo, among others.

After a week with some difficulties for our racers, the last week of competition started with Jooj, Ridsevilla and Meadster in the top 3 but followed closely by 5 more racers. But I told you that it was a very rekt month and that week buried the hopes of many to get a place in the top 3.

And then, there were four... so the last day of competition had Ridsevilla in the lead over JoojMachine, Meadster and Trigger Haven himself.

Meads and Rid didn't have the best start, several falls and bad positions in the races made them lose ground with their opponents and that was how Jooj managed to tie the first place with Ridsevilla, and Trigger taking third place for the last race.

The last race started on the most feared circuit. All racers,prepared and eager because anyone could take the victory and the championship. Anything could happen! and it happened...

Meadster and Trigger, both quickly eliminated... Ridsevilla, too slow. But not everything was said yet. Jooj took the lead in the race from start to finish and so, on the same circuit where the machine lost a podium a few days ago, now took the first place and was crowned champion of the July's Marbles Grand Prix.

At the end, the ball with more consistent results and more participation, wins.

From the editorial staff of the Daily Peel we want to congratulate JOOJMACHINE for the excellent victory. Also to RIDSEVILLA and TRIGGER HAVEN (rigged) for their podium.

And now, a final look at the leaderboard:

See you next Tuesday to start the August Grand Prix and find out if Jooj will continue the streak or maybe some former champion will return for revenge.

But hey! Marbles races are not the only way to get some Banano during the stream, just check this out:

Loyalty Points (Trigs): Earned by hanging out, subscribing, and engaging with the stream.

These trigs can be spent on games to win random amounts of Banano

The Bubble: You can purchase a stake of a growing amount of bananos. When the bubble pops (it has a higher chance to pop as the stream grows in viewership) everyone is rewarded based on how many stakes they purchased with their Trigs.

• Bananobeast: Once you reach a certain amount of Trigs on your account, you are able to participate in frequent rains of Bananos, given to viewers who survive a chat minigame.

BananoWheel: You can redeem your Trigs for a spin on the BananoWheel. When Trigger has time he will spin the wheel for you.

If you want to know more, please ask on the #triggerhaven-stream channel in Banano discord.

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