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Join Us Live for Soggy Birthday BANGO!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The Emoji Bingo Card game is back! 3 rounds — 3 BANtastic prizes — free to play

Looking for something fun and fast paced to play in all of this down time? Come and join us for SoggyApplePie’s birthday and enjoy some Live Bingo!

When: April 22 1pm EDT Where: English Voice Channel + Events and Giveaways Channel (

1st Round: 5000 BAN 2nd Round: 10000 BAN 3rd Round: 15000 BAN Plus: Random airdrops, paper wallets, tips, and a split for all participants, with prizes totalling over 50000 BAN!

Rules: - Must be a Citizen on the BANANO Discord server to participate - Limit of 1 card per person, per round

See How to Play for details

How to Play Soggy B-Day BANGO:

  1. Register for the event - Register by DMing ONE of the following organizers: SoggyApplePie, bb-8, sebsaurus, or Oops

  2.  Receive 3 BANGO cards

  3. Show up for the event at the correct date, time, and location (APRIL 22, 1PM EDT, in the English voice channel and the #events-and-giveaways-and-bots channel)

  4. Listen at the beginning of each round for specific instructions on how to win (certain rules vary per round) Round 1: Single line (vertical or horizontal) Round 2: Diagonal line Round 3: Outer box

  5. Cross out the emojis as they are announced over the #English voice channel and the #events-and-giveaways channel 

  6. Call out “BANGO” when you believe you have won the round

  7. Upload your BANGO card to the #events-and-giveaways channel

  8. Your card will be reviewed by an organizer

  9. Repeated false BANGOs are punishable by muzzle or disqualification

  10. Have fun!

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Ahmed Dhaif
Ahmed Dhaif
Apr 17, 2020



Apr 17, 2020

Bango Best Bingo


That's nice... if the work allows it I'll participate safely at the event 🕺🍾

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