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BANANO Story2Image Faucet - A Fun-Filled Crypto Airdrop

Written by Project UWB

If you have to come up with creative ways of fairly distributing coins, then there is a no easier way than to learn from the leaders of the Banano community. I have been following the Banano project after I stumbled onto it on some online forum late in 2019. It has always been a such a pleasure knowing people in the community and the discord is one of the most organized and well moderated forums.

So in the true Banano spirit, when the Discord channel announced a new faucet that involved doodling and rating other people doodle, I was really interested. Over the last 24 hours I must have spent about 4 hours on this faucet website and it has been a brilliant way to spend some quality time especially when the weather is depressing outside and there isn't much to do anyways!!

So without further ado, here is a closer look at the faucet and how it works:

  1. Make sure you have a Banano Wallet and address. If you don’t have a Banano address, fret not! The Banano community has you covered. Visit its easy as a breeze to set up your wallet. Remember to back up the seed or phrases appropriately. There is no alternate to recover funds if you misplace your seed and happen to uninstall or lose access to the wallet.

  2. The faucet is at the link:

  3. Register with your BAN address and a password and you are ready to go.

  4. Draw/ Doodle pictures based on the description given on the home screen. Submit it for review once your masterpiece is complete.

  5. Next you are given two consecutive tasks of ranking 4 drawings done by others participating from the community. Do your best to rate fairly!! Sometimes you see your own drawings. Resist the urge to give it the best rating if not appropriate!!

  6. Next you are given a single image with 4 choices of descriptions. Either pick one of the descriptions or 'Report' the drawing as not appropriate or not matching any of the descriptions.

  7. Rinse and Repeat

  8. Look at the score tick along if you have been behaving!!

If all is going well, you should see some free delicious potassium treats a.k.a BAN in your wallets after the faucet has run its course, and the BAN are distributed based on your score. So what I really liked about this faucet:

  1. Really innovative and fulfilling task

  2. Felt like I was doing something relaxing

  3. Fun to do in a group

  4. Fun to do as a family activity - Got some little ones involved as well!

A few of our favourites so far

A craft workshop with yarn in a yellow mesh bag.
a woman and toddler sitting on a bench with trellis
a close up of a person under a blanket
A cat that is under a car in the day.
Large group of motorcycles riding down the highway.
A lot of people that are in the street.
A woman holding a teddy bear next to a woman in a red dress.
A cupcake on a plate and in a bakery display.
A person kneeling behind a dog with words stating the dog is adopted across the picture.
A young girl is reaching out to pet a large cow.

Don't like something? Leave me a comment. All comments welcome!

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