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To The Person Who Tipped Me One Banano

An Open letter to the person who gave me one Banano

You are a beautiful human, and I am a happy monkey.

Thank you! Every day I am blown away by the generosity of our community. I am grateful you thought of me and considered to take the time to send this glorious dose of potassium my way. You are a warrior of a truly noble cause. You are a user of Banano. You champion the role with grace and elegance. I will cherish this Banano, and protect it from the horrors of the world. I will show it the same kindness you have shown me sweet stranger. Generosity begets generosity. You, with this banano, have transformed me into a more generous monkey.

I will move forward through my life with new found empathy, as you have shown me. The altruism of your actions will butterfly effect their way into changing the world. All with this one Banano.

May the yellow formula be with you my sweet stranger. #oops #banfam #entertainment

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