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Toadstool Events Presents: Emmys 2020

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Shocking drama! hilarious comedy! outstanding performances! and brilliant storylines... It's not just things you can see in Banano jungles, it's also what offers the best of television! So It's time to award the cream of the crop of television at the Emmys!

We are giving away 60000 BAN, so join us by filling out a ballot and submitting your predictions for the winners of the event!

Win $BAN every time your nominee wins! The more you get right, the higher your chance of also taking home one of our Top Three Prizes:


1st Place: 3000 BAN

2nd Place: 1900 BAN

3rd Place: 1000 BAN

+ Bansplits for EVERY AWARD, totalling 60000 BAN!

How to Participate

Sep 12-19, fill out the ballot with your DISCORD NAME and your predictions and DM it to @Phantoad#4762

The winners will be announced on September 21, after the ceremony.

Must be a Banano Discord citizen to participate.

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