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[CLASSIFIED] Illustrators for The Daily Peel!

Updated: May 20, 2020

WANTED: Artists of all kinds are sought to create comics, memes, and illustrations for the official unofficial newspaper of the BANANO Republic, The Daily Peel! Earn crypto for your creativity!


We are looking for spontaneous submissions, as well as individuals interested in being regular contributors (4+ posts per month). All languages and monkeys welcome!

Show us your humour, skill, and creativity. All monkeys are encouraged to apply - Citizenship is not a requirement!

How to Apply:

1. Create a comic, meme, or other illustration about the BANANO Community. Can include but is not limited to any of the following themes: • Mini trivias

• Citizen(s) of your community

• Stories or Poems

• Contests or Events

• Cryptocurrency Marketing

• Faucet/Distribution

2. Create a comic, meme, or other illustration about The Daily Peel.

- Image must include the words: “The Daily Peel”

- Image must be signed with the artist’s username

3. DM your Images to SoggyApplePie or Andreiniana on BANANO Discord, email them to, or submit them through our contact form here

Your submissions will be reviewed for their humour, skill, and creativity.

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