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Category:1998 albums Category:Nerina Putri albumsMichael Biddins Photo Gallery Famous faces have been enjoying the big screen’s revival of film musicals for decades now, but, when it comes to the sort of hip hop influenced genre, a new generation of young stars has emerged. From the record producing, BBC taking the award winning musical ‘Towie’ to life, to the now regularly performing and award winning on screen ‘Ink Master’, the next big thing in the ‘Now That’s What I Call’ class of musicals could be none other than Detroit’s own Michael Biddins. A teacher at Northern Michigan University, whose older brother Tim was a former member of the school’s hip hop troupe and himself the current director of their dance company, Biddins was born in 1979 and well versed with the world of music. Back in school, in his teens and early twenties, he was an avid fan of the now revered hip hop artist and emcee ‘Dr. Dre’ who came to Biddins’ grandfather’s garage to listen to music. This led to Biddins writing ‘Dre Stories’ in 2003, a work which recount tales of his friendship and experience listening to the music of his hero. “I went to his house, and he knew who I was. He was a teenage dude. I had grown up hearing of him, and I had this allegiance to him,” said Biddins about his meeting with the late artist. It wasn’t until 2005 that he saw the commercial potential of writing songs, and later turning them into his musical, ‘Bread And Water: A Celebration Of Hip Hop And Detroit’. The show is full of Biddins’ own experiences and observations of music and culture, complete with the flair that he has come to be known for. Taking a large part from the achievements and influential figures in the world of hip hop culture that he came across, Biddins’ songs are filled with a sense of history, gravity and sense of awe that you would normally find within the score of a musical. Biddins’ passion and love for music is apparent in his experiences as a student and teacher and he aspires to bring that same respect and appreciation for the culture that he grew up around to many more young people. �

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Biokimia Harper Indonesia - Free download.

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