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Discord AMOLED Dark Mode

It's hidden, but here's how to get it!

Currently for Android Discord App users only

You can access this hidden feature through your Appearance settings. Typically you will only see the top two options; Light & Dark.

To access the hidden 3rd option AMOLED optimized mode (experimental): all you have to do is tap on the Dark Theme option 7-10 times quickly. Yup.. that's right. Rage tap on standard Dark mode several times.. and it'll open up the fancy 3rd option. Then just toggle it on, ez.

After using AMOLED mode for a couple months now, here is our review. 1st. Much better battery life. If you are spending lots of time on your phone, its been proven dark mode saves you battery life. If you are spending lots of time on discord, you should have this enabled.

2nd. Harder to see when you're tagged. The yellow highlight a message gets when you are tagged is much less visible than standard grey toned Dark mode. There are times when I don't see tags at all. This can be frustrating at times, but I've considered it a fair tradeoff for the better battery life I'm experiencing from AMOLED mode.

So if you value longer battery life, and are using an Android phone, you should check out this Discord hidden feature. We at the Daily Peel will be sure to keep you posted if this becomes available on other operating systems.

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it works, really good



Oh man, I think I've never seen a darker black than this one!

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