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#🌴-the-jungle, a channel where, without a doubt, fun, memes and entertainment are never missing, one of the busiest places in our community where the interest in the educational aspect has recently grown a lot along with the representation of the currency by our incredible community on social networks, which offers the project a huge support.

That's right, not everything is memes and jokes, when we need to be serious we are!

The initiative arose when one of the most participatory members of our community (WhiteFlag#7553) noticed that the events destined for La Jungla (main Spanish channel of our Banano server on Discord) were not very frequent, so he presented a distribution plan to the project staff in order to unite education along with fun and support in the networks in a scheme of weekly activities, seeking to guarantee a better dynamism to the community, contribute with ideas for distribution, continue promoting education of both the project and cryptocurrencies in general, give that boost that Banano needs in social networks and of course help to ensure that there is never a lack of fun, which is something that characterizes us. Having considered all this, the weekly Banactivities for La Jungla were created, focused on three main routes: fun, education and support in the networks.

The activities are carried out three times a week following the routes accordingly, specifically on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

The dynamics of our organizing team is rotary, every week each member must carry out an activity in a different category than the executed the previous week, each idea is presented to the team in order to evaluate the activity before and after being carried out and make adjustments if necessary.

Just recently 2 months have passed since the first activity was carried out and because of this we decided to do a survey in order to know the opinion of La Jungla members regarding the spanish Banactivities and these were some of the results:

“The Educational Banactivities are carried out so that users can learn about the world of cryptocurrencies and also to develop without needing to seek for the help of third parties, also about what Banano is as a project and what it could bring in the future. Considering all this, have you learned anything from these activities?

I haven’t learned a single thing - No answers.

One or two things - 12,1%

They’re all things that I already knew - Less than 5%

I have learned a lot of things - 79,3%

I have never participated in these activities - Around 5%”

“In a scale of 1 to 10, rate in a general way the Weekly Banactivities”

After having done all these activities in La Jungla, we can affirm that their contributions have been remarkable, so we have decided to expand them to The Jungle (main English chat channel of the Banano discord server) and for this we have cordially invited two new members to get a little extra help, being our final team formed by:






Any feedback, suggestion, comment or question you’d like to ask, you can let us know by sending a private message to any of us on Discord.

All the details of the activities can be found pinned in #🌴-the-jungle channel on the Banano discord server a day, or sometimes the same day, before they are executed.

Also hey! Take a look at this slideshow of some of the team drawings made by members of the community in our last activity:

They’re all incredible, right?

Last but not least we’d like to invite each one of you to be part of our activities, you are all welcome! All you have to do is to join us in #🌴-the-jungle and have some fun.

We hope to see you around! Credits to the wonderful WhiteFlag#7553 (username on Discord) for all his collaboration with the activities and with the development of this article.

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Aug 18, 2020

I love that artwork!!


Aug 15, 2020

Excellent initiative by our Spanish-speaking monkeys. Looking forward to see more educational topics being discussed in the jungle.

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