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[GOSSIP] Banano Inks Deal with Chuck-E-Cheese

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Tuesday May 14: Banano creator ChocolateFudCake has announced that a multi million dollar deal has been signed withn Chuck-E-Cheese.

The details have to been fully disclosed but the framework is built around children winning Banano instead of stupid stuffed toys. Prizes will still be paid out of the game machine but tickets can now be redeemed for Banano gift card which can be scanned by Kalium and added directly to their wallet instantly and feelessly.

A spokesperson for Chuck-E-Cheese was quoted as saying "Children are becoming increasingly aware how important saving for their future is. The fact that children are also very focused on memes and Bananas makes Banano the perfect crypto for them"

Note: This is satire. All Gossip articles relating to individuals and/or events published on The Daily Peel are fictional and for memeing purposes only.

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