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Bananolance Trust Token

Bananolance has officially launched a trust token (Bananolance Trust Token - BLTT) on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet. The purpose of these tokens will be to give a trust rating to listing agents and freelancers on site. Distribution will be based on how much BAN is exchanged per successfully completed listing.


These tokens DO NOT and WILL NOT have a monetary value. Their soul purpose is to scale trust on site.

To be able to receive tokens earned please enter your ERC-20 address to your profile. On your profile go to "edit profile" under "personal" you will then see an option to enter your address. You do not need to withdraw tokens from site but if you wish to, you have the option. Site trust rating will not change if withdrawn.

A listing Agent will receive 1 token for every 10 ban sent successfully.

1 BAN = 0.1 BLTT

2 BAN = 0.2 BLTT

3 ban = 0.3 BLTT

And so on

A freelancer will receive 1 BLTT for each completed task.

We recommend using a metamask wallet to receive the token. Some others may work but USE AT OWN RISK

Profiles will display "Listing Agent BLTT Balance" and "Freelancer BLTT Balance" To recieve physical BLTT equal to amount on site in ERC-20 wallet message admin;

"I would like to receive current BLTT Balance"

Profile will then say "Current BLTT Balance"

As well as

"Total BLTT Earned"

All users who have completed listing and payments successfully already should message admin. We will confirm and send respective BLTT.

You may be wondering "what is the purpose of these tokens if they're monetarily worthless". The purpose is to give an extra trust rating for users other than the star rating they already have. This is to distinguish us further from the BananoJobs subreddit. Instead of Karma simply for posting. You get Bananolance Trust Tokens for successfully completing and paying out tasks.

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