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Introducing Banano Lotto

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

My name is Sid and I am the creator of Banano Lotto, the latest project aimed at generating interest in the banano cryptocurrency. Banano Lotto is a lottery where users send in their bananos in the hopes of winning a whole lot more. This simple project has already garnered a lot of interest and has exceeded my expectations. In the future, I hope for the project to grow beyond a lottery and into a banano centered community.

Banano Lotto works like a raffle. If you send 1 banano, you receive 1 ticket. If you send 5, you receive 5 and so on. Drawings are held every Friday at 8PM EST. When the drawings are held, three entrants are randomly chosen and given distinction of first, second and third place. Third place prize consists of 5% of the total prize pool. Second place prize receives 10% of the prize pool. First place prize receive 85% of the prize pool. As of this writing, with 3 days to go until the drawing, the first place winner is looking at winning 10,794 BAN.

Since the launch, user confidence has become an important topic at Banano Lotto. To ensure integrity of each drawing, the source code for the algorithm used to pick winners is available on our Github page. In the README section of our code repository, we display the checksums for each file associated with picking the winners of the lottery. These checksums will be used to ensure that the algorithm used to pick the winnings will be unaltered from their open source counterparts.

Each lottery drawing will be livestreamed on our Twitch channel. During the livestream, the checksums of the algorithms used to pick winners will be displayed for all viewers to see. This will add another level of transparency to the winner selection process. It will also give entrants a chance to interact with the Code Monkey and ask any burning questions they may have on their mind. We hope to see you on the live stream every Friday @ 8PM EST.

If you would like to know more about our project, please check us out on BananoLotto, Twitter, and GitHub.

If you would like to enter the lottery now. Send whole number Banano amounts here:


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