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⁠BANinjas vs The Swole

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Swole month is over, but Swole Torchic is still wreaking havoc! Luckily we can subdue them... WITH VIOLENCE!

Swole month is supposed to be over, but it looks like those roided rapscallions are intent on hanging around to cause mayhem for a few more days! Until the Photogenic Bird Photo Contest closes ( August 2nd, 23:59 ET ), you can defeat The Swoles to earn a medal!

Have you ever wondered why your Banano wallet is home to those cute little Kalium MonKeys? They protect your Banano of course! While they are definitely cute, they're also members of an elite group of martial artists and sorcerers!

You may have noticed that they are equipped with a selection of items. What you may not have realised is that some of those items are deadly weapons!

Even if the item itself is not a deadly weapon, it will give a hefty boost to your combat ability, via an increase to one or more of your monKey's seven combat stats!

How to Play

  1. Choose a Kalium monKey to fight for you

  2. Head to

  3. Enter a nickname, and the address of your chosen monKey

  4. Click Fight!

  5. Beat Randal & Swole Torchic to win a medal!

Items, moves, and everything else can be found on the information page!

Reach out to 3_meow with issues or questions

P.S. Since you don't need to own the address of the monKey, why not check out Creeper to pick your champion?

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