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BANANO Sundays: BANFam Community Calls

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

The monKeys of the Jungle will be gathering. You should be one of them!

BANANO’s recurring Community Calls are happening bi-weekly, live on our Discord server. Since there are lots of things happening in the BANANO ecosystem and the partying never stops, we thought we would take Sundays— BANANO Sundays to be exact— to sit back, relax with our fellow monKeys, and catch up on what’s going on in our many Jungles.

Share something

If you would like to share something during a BANANO Sunday call, please consider filling out the brief form under the agenda-submissions channel on the BANANO server.

What are BANANO Sundays/Community Calls?

Community Calls (or, BANANO Sundays) are live audio calls led by Oops and SoggyApplePie. They are an opportunity for the BANANO Community to get together and learn about ongoing initiatives and development updates, pick up tips and tricks for maximizing your experience within the BANANO community, receive walk throughs on how to best take advantage of BANANO the currency and its ecosystem, share recent endeavours, promote BANANO events and side projects, and get questions answered by some of the BANANO Team. All are welcome to join, listen, and participate!

Make sure you have an Ethereum address, ENS, or email address ready to receive this call’s POAP

For a look at all our POAP's from previous calls, check out this awesome article made by our very own SSJ4Link.

For recaps from our previous calls, check out these awesome articles made by our very own Arkhath.

What are POAPs?

POAPs are nifty little blockchain badges used for proof of attendance and participation, and they can be issued for events, milestones, and memories of all kinds! In BANANO’s case, we issue POAPs to monKeys who attend our Community Calls. They are not for transferring or selling on secondary markets, but they’re a cool token to show you are an active contributor. Come and listen in or participate in discussion and collect a POAP with each experience!

All are welcome to attend! Come hang out, listen in, learn, and the best of all: Put up your hand and ask questions of your own. We will take some time to answer them all and get BanFam in the know.

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