BANANO Sundays: BANFam Community Calls

Updated: Oct 6

The monKeys of the Jungle will be gathering. You should be one of them!

BANANO’s recurring* Community Calls are back, live over voice. Since there are lots of things happening in the BANANO ecosystem and the partying never stops, we thought we would take bi-weekly Sunday— BANANO Sundays to be exact— to sit back, relax with our fellow monKeys, and catch up on what’s going on in our many Jungles.

As always, they will be hosted on Stage in the BANANO Discord server.

Join us for the 6th BANANO Community Call, being hosted at 2pm Eastern on Sunday October 17, 2021.

What are BANANO Sundays/Community Calls?

Community Calls (or, BANANO Sundays) are live audio calls led by Oops and SoggyApplePie. They are an opportunity for the BANANO Community to get together and learn about ongoing initiatives and development updates, pick up tips and tricks for maximizing your experience within the BANANO community, receive walk throughs on how to best take advantage of BANANO the currency and its ecosystem, share recent endeavours, promote BANANO events and side projects, and get questions answered by some of the BANANO Team. All are welcome to join, listen, and participate!

Last Community Call

The following summary is credited to the original author, located here.

  • COMMUNITY CALLS SCHEDULE: they'll try to run community calls on sundays, on a bi-weekly schedule


  • POLYGON network: wBAN was officially listed on sushiswap!

  • BSC network: we migrated from apeswap to pancakeswap (where we're trying to get listed officially!)

  • We're trying to get wBAN listed on zapper... go and help already!


  • VOLCANO ART CONTEST: The current contest has 10 000 BAN in prizes but ends in ~14h (Monday, October 04 17:00 EDT). (edit: it might START on october 4 according to this post!) If you can't catch that one, don't worry, it's a recurring event!

  • JUNGLE TV: ... it's now officially funded by the banano team! 🎉🎉🎉

  • UPLIFT WORLD BUILD-OFF MINECRAFT CONTEST: Submissions dates have been extended (building end date: october 4 | submission end date: october 8). Monkeys are doing amazing stuff!

  • HALLOWEEN EVENTS: mark your calendars because a lot of events are going to happen! (I might have gotten a few dates wrong, check the official announcements when they're out 🙏)

  • Halloween mask contest oct 4 to oct 13

  • Furry halloween pet contest (...not that kind of furry :P) oct 14 to oct 23

  • Spooky bango (banano bingo) on october 19. We were told that's the one event we should book our lives around 👀

  • Costume contest from oct 24 to nov 2

  • Monster mash: spooky halloween music all day long

  • The .trickortreat command is coming back to discord! (not now, you can stop trying :P)

  • BANANO WORLDWIDE EVENT: the results are coming! We will be able to see and marvel at all 77 submissions


  • Can we make a reddit giveaway similar to this very successful nano giveaway on r/CryptoCurrency?

  • u/SkyTheAwesomeGuy is preparing a survey for the BAN community. If you have any interesting question you'd love to see included, send them to him!

  • u/wrap-that-potassium is not spoiling the wBAN roadmap... despite out best attempts 👀

  • Wen booster results? => ask RQ about that 🙊🙈🙉

  • wBAN is now listed on DeFi Llama! and on!

Past Community Calls

Here is a summary of some of the topics discussed at Community Call #4:


- Fanta Contribution Roles

- BananoJobs & Banano Market

- Dungeons & Banano one-shot

- Office Trivia

- Trigger’s Marble Races

- cryptomonKeys Gen 4 Begins

- wBAN Pool Small Fish

- Removal of wBAN single-sided staking

- 1st Test Round on Polygon Testnet complete

- MotherTurf on Reddit

- BANANO Worldwide Check out more past calls here.

Make sure you have an Ethereum address ready when you attend to receive this call’s POAP

What are POAPs?

POAPs are nifty little blockchain badges used for proof of attendance and participation, and they can be issued for events of all kinds! In BANANO’s case, we issue POAPs to monKeys who attend our Community Calls. They cannot be transferred or sold on secondary markets, but they’re a cool token to show you are an active contributor. Come and listen in or participate in discussion and collect a POAP with each experience!

Learn more about POAPs

All are welcome to attend! Come hang out, listen in, learn, and the best of all: Put up your hand and ask questions of your own. We will take some time to answer them all and get BanFam in the know.

*There is no determined date/time structure moving forward yet. We will be testing different times to see what best fits. **We will be testing recording the event for those that missed it. #Oops #SoggyApplePie #communitycall #event #POAP #NFT

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