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[OPINION] Bantano Leading the Way

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

With the announcement of the latest Uptrennd vote for a huge advertising package the community with buzzing. Banano easily won the first round but when Uptrennd announced the rules for the finals things got sketchy. It seemed Uptrennd would allow vote manipulation by bots or alt accounts. I must admit my first reaction was to mobilize the troops and pay people to drive our vote count up. We were frothing at the mouth, WE MUST WIN AT ALL COST!!

Bantano, however, reminded us that our community is better than that. Banano has always had a moral compass and held community values higher than price manipulation and moon talk. His Discord Bannouncement and Uptrennd post reminded us of that.

In the end Uptrennd felt bad and announced that both coins would win the advertising package!!

Thank you Bantano for being our guiding light and keeping us held to a higher stnadard than most toxic, shitcoin communities.

Note: This is an opinion. All Opinion articles published on The Daily Peel are the expressed views of the original author of the article, and do not represent the opinions or values of BANANO or The Daily Peel.

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1 Comment

Apr 06, 2020

Haha thanks for the shoutout <3

I think on that day I've discussed it with the community and that's what we agreed on, not really my idea. Always good to discuss with you guys. So many brilliant people in the BANANO Community :)

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