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Break It Down: Jungle Fanta

Updated: May 29, 2021

The Jungles spoke, and we listened.

The Jungle Fanta role is currently undergoing some much anticipated changes with the help of our CMs, moderators, and fellow community members. A common question posed by citizens of BANANO Discord is, “What is Jungle Fanta?”, so we decided to Break It Down for you on The Daily Peel. This article will explain:

- What is Jungle Fanta?

- What are the benefits of Jungle Fanta? - How does one obtain Jungle Fanta?

- How does one lose Jungle Fanta?

And will also include some miscellaneous FAQ.

Productive conversations happen all over the server, and our Jungles are no exception. It should come as no surprise though that a memecoin would produce some serious shitposting, so where does the serious work at least start getting discussed and done?

What is Jungle Fanta?

Jungle Fanta is a role on the BANANO Discord server that is obtainable to all users with the Citizen role, as long as they demonstrate an interest in the project and helping it move forward significantly.

What are the benefits of Jungle Fanta?

- You instantly become recognizable as a valuable contributor to the coin and community,

- You gain access to new, hidden channels: Once you are given the Fanta role, you are granted access to two new channels: Banspiracy, and The Treehouse.

Banspiracy is a professional space dedicated to discussions above and beyond the regular discourse. Its purpose is to chat and ask questions about events and contests, faucet ideas, promotion, price, markets, exchanges, distribution, and all things innovative and beneficial to the growth of the coin and the community.

The Treehouse is a casual space to enjoy discussions on any range of topics. Since we are memers and trolls at heart, shitposting is permitted in this channel. We warn you though: low-quality shitposting- like all offensively bad trolling- is punishable. For many Fanta of the BANANO Republic, this is a more relaxed channel to hangout and post memes.

How does one obtain the Fanta role?

The Fanta role can be given to users who have contributed towards special projects and/or have demonstrated a commitment to the positive growth of the coin and community which surpasses that of being simply a consumer.

Some examples:

- Helping with contests/events,

- Building faucets or other useful tools,

- Design/program,

- Writing articles and educational pieces,

- Promotion of BANANO inside and outside of our main communities,

- Loyalty/long time support

- Giving back (sponsoring giveaways, rains, and other gestures of generosity to the community)

While we provided a few examples of ways that you could earn Jungle Fanta, we want to make it clear that all there is No Formula for Fanta. Role assignment is individually based, but these are a few great ways to contribute and make a change. We always encourage new ideas and creativity, and the limit to what you can contribute to BANANO is only your imagination!

Jungle Fanta is a vote-in role, meaning that you must be nominated by (usually) 3 or more citizens who currently hold the Jungle Fanta role. Once a user has been nominated, the existing Jungle Fanta are expected to vote on the status of that nomination. To do this, Fanta discuss the individual’s contributions, behaviour, and influence within the community, and whether they agree or disagree with the nomination. The final judgement call and role assignment is made by a CM.

How does one lose the Fanta role?

Banspiracy is a No Shitposting Zone, which means nonconstructive dialogue, casual “chit chat”, memes, spam, and otherwise unrelated discussion is against the channel rules. Repeated rule breaking inside Banspiracy and in the server in general can result in the removal of the Fanta role.

Inactivity has recently become a potential factor in maintaining the role as well. In an effort to give credit where credit is due, the Fanta role has been seeing some restructuring. Recently, CMs took the axe to a handful of users who had not contributed to Fanta projects or discussions within the last 3+ months. While this is not a guaranteed deadline and all cases of gaining and losing Fanta are individually based, we still encourage all role holders to regularly participate and stay up to speed. This is expected to become a regular review to ensure that the Fanta community stays focused, productive, and flowing with fresh ideas. The final judgement call and role removal is made by a CM.


Does my discord username change colour when I receive the Fanta role?

While the Fanta role does not change your username colour, it does add a cute little yellow tag to your user profile!

Does the Fanta role come with any command privileges?

No, you cannot use any of the moderator bot commands.

Does the Fanta role come with celery/allowance? No, the Fanta role does not automatically receive celery/allowance. There are members of the Jungle Fanta who receive both, members who receive one of the two, and members who receive neither. It is mostly individually based.

I don’t have the Fanta role, but I feel this role deserves to be applied to me. What do I do? If you think you deserve to be Jungle Fanta based on the above description, never fear! The BANANO Team is working on ensuring that people have the roles they deserve. With such a large community and so much being produced by our amazing monkeys on a daily basis, it can only be expected that some accomplishments can fall through the cracks- but the BANANO Team and current active Jungle Fanta are working to close that gap!

KEEP CONTRIBUTING! While Fanta certainly helps because it grants you access to more focused channels, you are still able and encouraged to contribute, share meaningful conversations, and do awesome things. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and your time will come soon! Or...

Write an article to The Daily Peel about why you deserve it. Who knows, maybe the reminder OR your contribution to the Peel could help the process. We can’t promise anything, but it’s worth a try!

If you have any questions, concerns, anything you’d like to see added to this article, OR YOU WANT US TO BREAK IT DOWN WITH ANOTHER TOPIC, leave a comment below!

Thanks to all the Jungle Fanta who contributed in the making of this article.

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2020. aug. 08.

oops... cuck role is awesome!


2020. ápr. 27.

Now I know.😎


2020. ápr. 12.

What is the "cuck" role and how to obtain it? I've asked several role members but they told me they didn't know who made them that way :sadjoy!

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