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[HELP] Calendar

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Ban Fam is always up to something fun and sometimes its hard to keep up. After all, there are a lot of events... in a lot of languages... on a lot of platforms. The Daily Peel has secured exclusive rights to bring you the ripest most up-to-date Banano Event information.

How do we do this? We've partnered directly with all the event planners personally, and they curate an elite list of content. Whether it's giveaways, contests, trivia, games or puzzles - we've got you covered! You can trust that our Calendars will supply you with more than enough ways to collect some potassium rich cryptocurrency.

So here's how to master the Daily Peel Calendars:

Option 1: Bookmark Our Website

Our Calendars are updated often, by an entire team of people. You can check it from any browser on any device.

Option 2: Add It to Your Calendar

You can link our Calendars to your google account! That means you'll be able to see our events from within your personal calendar and on any device you have your google account synced with. This means you can have Banano events sync automatically with your phone and other devices keeping you up-to-date effortlessly! Setting it up is incredibly easy, and only takes 3 steps (per calendar).

2. Click on the +GoogleCalendar button in the bottom right corner of the screen

3. Sign into your Google account, and choose to sync Banano: Special Events in your settings

4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 following this link to our Banano: Weekly Events Calendar

*Protip, you can toggle the calendars on/off within your calendar settings as needed

And just like that, now you're an expert! You will always know about all the latest Banano event updates faster than anyone else, because you are getting them from the ripest source out there!

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