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[CONTEST] Create a BANANO Invitation Card

Calling all creative monkeys! If you like to design and want to share what it means to be part of the BANfam, this is your time to show it and get rewarded! Create a BANANO Invitation Card and share it on your social media, tell the world what they’re missing!

Total Prize Pool: 50k BANANO.


1st Place: 15000 BANANO 2nd Place: 10000 BANANO 3rd Place: 5000 BANANO Split between all qualified submissions: 20000 BANANO


• The invitation card must be designed/prepared digitally (Allowed formats: jpg, png and gif) • One Invitation Card design per person only, which can be posted on several platforms.  • Participants must post it at least in one of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  • You must tag the respective official BANANO account and use the hashtag #WelcomeToBanano, otherwise your submission will not be valid. Please make sure your post is publicly visible for everyone.

You can find the official BANANO accounts here

Instagram: @bananocurrency Twitter: @bananocoin Facebook: Banano English Official

• All languages are allowed • Low effort designs or not original submissions (copy-pasted from elsewhere) will be disqualified. • If you want to use our official brands assets, colors and fonts you can find them here ( (not mandatory).  • Post the link to your submission at the BANANO Discord server in the channel #contest-submissions-results. • BONUS: Posts getting lots of attention (e.g. lots of Retweets, likes, shares or similar) will get bonus prizes on top of the regular prize pool (as long as they are not spam). Deadline: August 8th, 2020. Winners will be announced shortly after, and prizes will be paid directly to your Discord account with the BANANO Discord Tipbot. Judges: @cutepancake#6757, @bb-8#0450, @iazid#3291, @WhiteFlag#7553, @ambisont#3185 We look forward to seeing your creations. Good luck!

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