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Dungeons & Banano

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Imagine what happens when you take the fantastic TTRPG world of Dungeons & Dragons, and fuel it with the power of potassium? You get Dungeons & Banano! The Dungeons & Banano project comes in many different forms and continues to grow and develop new and exciting ways to bring D&D based activities and events to both the TTRPG and Banano communities. Here's a list of what Dungeons & Banano has to offer currently.

Dungeons & Banano: Community Driven Choose Your Own Adventure: We have developed a system on the Dungeons & Banano discord server where the community can work together to progress in a side story using a poll system (found in the #fun-with-polls channel on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server). This gives the community member the nostalgic feel that you would have when you would read those "choose your own adventure" books as a kid, except in this case you play the game with the rest of the community! The best part is, the further the community gets in the story without dying or losing, the better the banano airdrop reward for the participating members!

The story progresses about every 2-3 days leaving the community time to talk over the best choices. As the story progresses, the difficulty factor begins to increase resulting in a increased chance of dying/failing. If the community manages to complete the side story/bounty without failing/dying, the reward will be at its max. We also decided to occasionally use suggestions made in the Community Input channels from time to time. When the user's suggestion is used they are rewarded banano! You can submit your suggestions in the #magic-items, #npc-names & #bounty-assignments channels on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

There are a number of different events that Dungeons & Banano holds at varying times. You can expect the following events to appear, not to mention new events that we are actively working on as we speak. To find out what when the next event is, head to the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

Dungeons & Banano: Live Stream Events On YouTube/Twitch Dungeons & Banano: Live Stream Events on YouTube/Twitch will allow those watching an opportunity to not only win Banano and crytpomonKeys NFT's, but also engage in the story! Each session will be in the form of one-shots (a One-Shot is a miniature story designed to be completed during a single session of play) so if you miss any live sessions it's easy to pickup! We are working on a system where you will be able to vote on what will happen next to the players/story! Feel like things are going to well for the players? Feel bad things aren't going their way? Take a vote when the opportunity arises! The live streams will last approximately around 1hr 30min (to the best of our ability) and when finished, will be posted on the Dungeons & Banano YouTube channel (may take a day or two after live stream). Events are posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server. Make sure to subscribe/follow us on the YouTube / Twitch platforms!

Dungeons & Banano: Community Driven Text Adventures Everyone remembers reading those "Choose Your Own Adventures" books as kids and how fun they were! So that's why we developed a similar system but with a D&D twist that involves Banano rewards! Introducing the Community Driven Text Adventures!

The Dungeon Master will create a text based story, allowing the audience a chance to participate and be given a chance to help make a decision in the story, changing the course on what happens next.

The Dungeon Master will be writing and developing the story on the spot in a sense. There's an outline and a loose plot, but how you approach a choice, and if a dice roll is required (and depending on if the dice roll in your favor), will change what happens in the story. This means that the Dungeon Master will still need to type them out since they are not pre written, allowing for a story to be made not just by the Dungeon Master, but with the help of the community. In other wards, even the Dungeon Master wont know how the story will go! Events are posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

Dungeons & Banano: Ban Games Hello prisoner #1919. You have lived a life of crime and regret, that which has been fueled with selfish desire. Due to your negligent past you have been sent to prison for life with no chance of tasting freedom. However, I'm here to offer you a flicker of hope to your miserable existence. A chance to not only leave your former life as a convicted criminal, but to do so as a rich one. What's the catch you ask? There is none, simply compete in the "Ban Games" among many other criminals and make it to the end alive and win your freedom and become rich in the process. Lose the game... and you lose your life. Only a small handful of prisoners will make it to the end, or maybe only one prisoner. Will you be the victor... of the Ban Games? Events are posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server. Check out this Daily-Peel Article for more detailed information regarding this event.

Dungeons & Banano: University Dungeons & Banano University helps educate new players that want to take the leap into the D&D world of fantasy and imagination, crawling with all manner of life. Before you get yourself disintegrated by an angry Lich, have a staring contest with a beholder or losing your hand to a Mimic, Dungeons & Banano University is there to teach you a few things that can make your experience in the D&D world a little more pleasant. Join the professors SSJ4Link#8807 and sloth#7218 (aka Hampton) as they not only teach you the ins and outs of the basic rules that can help you in not only your time in the Cryptolands, but your very own game at home and so much more! Want to learn what is needed to become a dungeon master for your friends? Sure thing! Getting confused with making your own character? No problem! We can teach you what you need to know to get you started on your journey and be the hero you always wanted to be, or maybe your story will take you down the road of the villain the realm has never seen before! The event is comprised of three classes on three separate dates. Every class will have something in mind they would like to go over while being ready to answer your questions. On the last class there will be a practice mock session intended to help use all that you have learned while the professors answer any questions you might have while doing so. Events are posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

Dungeons & Banano: Art Contests Dungeons & Banano loves to see some of the amazing TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game) artwork the world has to offer! In fact, the TTRPG community as well as the Banano community has some of the best artists that I've ever seen! The beauty that their imagination can bring into existence is something truly remarkable! Whether its drawing their PC's (playable character), favorite magic item, creature or even NPC's (non-playable character), I want to see what you can do! I want to see your best TTRPG drawings with a Banano twist! How about a beholder with the Banano logo for eyes? Maybe a 40k Warhammer Space Marine that shoots Banano? Why not have a Cthulhu cult members that Wear Banano robes? How about D&D Magic items powered by potassium? You don't have to be an expert artist to participate and have a chance to win a prize, so why not give it a try! Keep an eye out for the next art contest! Events are posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

Dungeons & Banano: D&D Themed Trivia Are you a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons? Consider yourself all knowledgeable on the subject, at least in D&D 5e? Do you not have a single clue what the heck Dungeons & Dragons even is but just enjoy the trivia atmosphere? Well then this is going to be perfect for you! Events are posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

Dungeons & Banano:

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