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Dungeons & Banano - New Episodes on Demand!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

UPDATE (November 21): Now in podcast form! links to Spotify Apple

After 2 live sessions, The Dungeons & Banano team has polished, edited, and lovingly translated the adventure onto YouTube - WOW! Now you can hear D&B anytime, on demand. Find it on the Dungeons & Banano YouTube channel and find us on discord where you can interact with the show and influence the storyline by suggesting items, character names, and bounties - which come with Banano prizes!

Follow our heroes as they travel to the world of The Cryptolands - a place that blends tabletop roleplaying with cryptocurrency themes. Each episode of D&B is inspired by DAG technology and packed with potassium for your ears! @Zanefold hosts the show; with @Bosco as Banambe the Gorilla Barbarian, @Jhaded as Kit the Verdan Warlock and me @Champrockwell as Bani the Monkey Rogue. There's suspense! Swashbuckling! Giant squids! With more episodes on the way, there's a lot to look forward to. Get in now before it pumps x1000!

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