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Emergency depredation approved by Jungle Council

By Akufishheads, DailyPeel

Updated 12:19 AM CST, Sun January 29, 2023

(DailyPeel) - Efforts to tame the pest population in the Banano Republic have gained attention as Banano leadership and BRPD mount an elimination project in 🌴-the-jungle.

With the passing of the seasons and the departure of ,banta claim command in the Banano Discord server, a significant rise in the deer population is always expected. An initiative spearheaded by Banano Republic Jungle Council "Junta" SoggyApplePie is underway to cull the growing number of inhabitants who are there only to try to game distribution.

"We recognize that at times the deer population can be rather subdued, other times it is rampant. The Banano Jungle and their mods are not unfamiliar with this type of animal. Rest assured that hunting season is 369 days a year." -SoggyApplePie

In the Discord server, most Banano citizens come to have fun and learn about what is going on in the community. As you spend time there, you can get what locals call "activia" which means "eligibility for rain" where $Banano airdrops can be shared between citizens using the ".brain" command and the amount is split between active citizens at the time. Since these rains are literally free crypto, it attracts people who do not intend to participate in the community and instead soak up the generosity and sweet potassium of others.

As with all challenges, this situation is not without complications. Unfortunately, a fire-bombing strike which was initially voted for was vetoed after the Banano Safety Committee determined the operation was likely to collapse the biodiversity of 🌴-the-jungle and a covert "gorilla-warfare" strategy where efforts to rehabilitate deer prisoners have been adopted.

Early reports indicate there will be at least a 91% failure rate.

Interested in assisting with extermination efforts?
Click the button to exterminate one of the 91%.

To report a deer infestation or to suggest an editorial contact The Daily Peel

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Jan 29, 2023

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